Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa "Prisoner"

Some of the most exciting singles released this week are collaborations between the most popular artists in pop right now. Here’s a list of those iconic collaborations as well as other new singles from your favorite artists.

Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber’s “Monster”

Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber are arguably two of the most successful single male pop acts in modern music, so it’s only natural that they would work together on a single eventually.

Yet, “Monster” explores twangy guitar and drum beats that sound more R&B, and Bieber even includes some of his pop-rap fusion vocals. Bieber has released multiple successful collaborations in 2020, and this one should be no less popular.

Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa’s “Prisoner”

A worthy complement to Mendes and Bieber’s duo, this collaboration between two queens of pop ventures into pop-rock, even sampling some 80’s music of the same genre.

This single is a preview into Cyrus’s upcoming album “Plastic Hearts,” set to be released this coming Friday. 2020 has given Cyrus a chance to further solidify her interests in rock music through covers and collabs, and this leading single no doubt excites fans for “Plastic Hearts.”

Morgan Wallen’s “Somebody’s Problem”

Morgan Wallen is an artist that’s recently faced some criticism and received mixed responses as a result of his mix-up with Saturday Night Live. However, after winning the New Artist of the Year award at the Country Music Awards, it seems Wallen hasn’t slowed down a bit.

This single comes ahead of Wallen’s upcoming album, “Dangerous,” set to be released in January. “Somebody’s Problem” was actually released on the same day as two other singles and is the best of the three. It’s a slower song about losing someone romantically and grieving that relationship.

Bleachers’ “chinatown (feat. Bruce Springsteen)”

Bleachers, the stage name of singular singer Jack Antonoff, is an artist that has made a name for himself in alternative rock but hasn’t released an album since 2017. However, this is the second single released in 2020, so we may be seeing another album soon.

This single is one that feels nostalgic, and it’s refreshing to hear Springsteen’s iconic voice in something slower and more indie sounding, rather than the hardcore rock that we expect from him. This collaboration is successful in every way.

Gryffin’s “Safe With Me (with Audrey Mika)”

Wrapping up this week’s Beacon Beats is a song from, perhaps, lesser known artists, Gryffin and Audrey Mika. Discovered online, Mika released her first album last year to great success.

Similarly, Gryffin, a DJ known for his remixes, also released his first studio album last year. The collaboration between the two is a dance pop anthem in the making, with Mika’s soft vocal talents and Gryffin’s electronic beats to complement the other.

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