From indie to alternative to folk to R&B, here are some of the top singles released this week.

Conan Gray’s “Overdrive”

Following the overwhelming success of his 2020 debut album “Kid Krow,” featuring “Heather,” Conan Gray explores the more pop side of his music in “Overdrive,” a song more electronic than we’ve seen from him, a refreshing deviation from the indie music of his debut album.

“Overdrive” is a song that celebrates new relationships, impulsivity and youth. It’s not sad or melancholy, and it’s not deep either, making it even more of a song that doesn’t sound like Conan Gray. But, he does it so well anyways. It’s a song about young people in love, and who doesn’t love that?

Lord Huron’s “Not Dead Yet”

The band’s first and only single of 2021 so far, “Not Dead Yet” comes three years after their last album, 2018’s “Vide Noir.” We haven’t seen much from Lord Huron in the past few years, so “Not Dead Yet” is a good indicator of where the band is going.

Like much of Lord Huron’s music, “Not Dead Yet” is a song with sad, defeating (yet catchy) lyrics, accompanied by music that calls to mind images of a folk campfire party with guests dancing and singing along.

Wallows’ “Quarterback”

Wallows is a band who is always releasing music and experimenting with their sound, as a result we’ve kept up with them quite frequently.

“Quarterback” comes with the release of the deluxe version of their 2020 EP “Remote,” which we also looked at last year. On this deluxe version, Wallows released five songs, but “Quarterback” was the only one that was released as its own single prior.

An alternative song about losing youth and thinking about the past, “Quarterback” fits well with the rest of “Remote” and its themes.

AJR’s “Way Less Sad”

As AJR builds to their upcoming album, “Way Less Sad” joins the singles already released. With its combination of horns, electronica and harmonies, this song is characteristic of AJR’s distinct musical style. Like much of their music, “Way Less Sad” is optimistic and upbeat, and already seems to be popular with fans.

“OK ORCHESTRA,” AJR’s fourth studio album, is set to be released on Mar. 26.

Mahalia’s “Jealous (feat. Rico Nasty)”

After reaching success with her 2019 album, “LOVE AND COMPROMISE,” Mahalia launches into 2021 with a collaboration with Rico Nasty, one of the hottest names in pop and rap right now.

Mahalia and Rico Nasty combine on this song to create something that’s distinctly R&B, something that Rico Nasty is exploring more and more lately. Much of Rico Nasty’s music has been rap only, so it’s refreshing to see the softer sides of her lyrics.

Honorable mentions of albums that were released this week include CJ’s “Loyalty Over Royalty,” Nate Smith’s “Sleeve,” Carly Pearce’s “29” and SG Lewis’s “times.”

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