Murphy USA Gas

If you drive a car on campus, you most likely shed a tear every time you see your gas light come on. The universal dread we feel is a result of increased traveling and an ongoing supply shortage, which have caused gas prices to continue reaching highs across the country.

If you are a commuter or even just an on-campus resident who likes to explore the city in your free time, you may find yourself at the gas station much more frequently than you would like.

Unfortunately, though we cannot avoid filling up our tanks, we can make wise choices about where to do so. Below are five gas stations with some of the cheapest gas prices in the Knoxville area — all no more than a 20-minute drive from campus.

Walmart Neighborhood Market — $2.99/gallon

Located about a 12-minute drive away at 3120 McKamey Road, the Walmart Neighborhood Market is the cheapest and likely most convenient place to fill up your tank, with gas being priced at $2.99 per gallon. Plus, if you’re already there, why not make it worth your while and stock up on groceries, too?

Murphy USA — $3.00/gallon

There are quite a few Murphy USA gas stations around the same distance from campus, but if you choose to go to the one off of Clinton Highway, you could fill up your tank for just $3.00 per gallon. It is about an 18-minute drive from campus, but still one of the cheapest options out there.

Weigel’s — $3.03/gallon

If you want to fill up your tank at Weigel’s, your cheapest option is to go to the one located at 5904 Washington Pike, which is right at about 20 minutes from campus. There, you can fill up your tank for $3.03 per gallon — 13 cents cheaper than if you were to go to the Weigel’s closest to campus on Summit Hill Drive.

Shell — $3.05/gallon

Also off Clinton Highway and across the street from Murphy USA is a Shell gas station that is charging $3.05 per gallon of gas. Like Weigel’s and Murphy USA, there are Shell gas stations located closer to campus, but you would be paying anywhere from five to 35 cents more to fill up there.

Food City — $3.06/gallon

A little further past the Walmart Neighborhood Market is the Food City at 6710 Malone Creek Drive, which is selling gas for $3.06 per gallon. It is about 16 minutes from campus and also a good option if you find yourself running low on groceries.

Best of luck out there! May your tank-filling journey be as painless as possible.

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