CVS testing

CVS has announced the opening of 11 new testing sites for COVID-19 in Tennessee, including one in Knoxville. 

These sites are all for drive-thru testing where people can self swab within their car for their own convenience and safety. A box is provided next to the window so the swab can be securely deposited with minimal contact with others. 

Upon arrival at the test site, a photo ID (or proof of residency if the ID is out of state) and an insurance card must be presented. Patients should follow the signage outside the testing location and the instructions of staff onsite. 

Testing procedures vary by location and patients may either be directed to a pharmacy drive-thru window, a parking space or a tent located in the parking lot. In very limited locations, patients may be asked to enter a CVS store. Instructions will be provided when patients receive their test kit and a CVS Pharmacy employee will observe the self-swab process. 

There are 43 total COVID-19 testing site locations in Tennessee. CVS made the decision to open more all over the country due to the threat of a second wave of COVID-19 cases coming this fall. CVS currently manages the largest number of independently run COVID-19 test sites in the country. The company plans to have more than 4,000 in operation by mid-October. 

“Since opening our first test site in March, we’ve been able to quickly adapt to the changing landscape in order to make it easier for people in the communities we serve to access testing,” Jon Roberts, Chief Operating Officer of CVS Health and acting President of CVS Pharmacy, said. “We recognize the critical role testing plays in helping to manage the spread of the virus and are incredibly proud of how our teams have responded to this need while continuing to take care of our customers, clients and patients.”

Patients must register in advance at to schedule an appointment for testing. Minors ages 12 and older are now eligible for testing at select CVS Pharmacy locations, but must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. They must also complete the online registration for the minor.

The self-swab tests are of no cost to patients and available to patients that meet the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s criteria. COVID-19 tests are at no cost to patients with insurance or through a program for the uninsured funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Test results are typically available in two to three days.

The opening of CVS’ new testing location provides Knoxville residents with yet another place to get tested for COVID-19. Health officials in Knoxville have recently stressed the importance of getting tested for COVID-19, even if you are only experiencing one symptom. Dr. Spencer Gregg recently spoke on the importance of being willing to be tested during UT Chancellor Donde Plowman’s COVID-19 update on Tuesday.

“The key to the success of testing will be community wide involvement,” Gregg said. “I hope everyone in Knoxville and on campus is willing to step up and participate.”

CVS Knoxville testing location is located at 4325 Asheville Highway. The opening of these 11 new COVID-19 testing locations will enable more people all over Tennessee to access testing, with hopes of slowing the spread by providing citizens with the resources needed to combat the virus.

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