K Brew brews up fresh, unique coffee choices

K Brew offers specialty biscotti with its artisan coffee.

For students and Knoxvillians alike, coffee is a pretty important part of most people’s daily routines. 

Whether someone prefers a hot and plain cup o’ joe to get their day going or enjoy the iced and sweet route to add a little flavor to their studying, Knoxville has countless options of great coffee shops to choose from. However, not every coffee shop’s environment is the same.

Here are some of the best coffee shops in Knoxville for any vibe someone may be going for.

K Brew

K Brew (“K” as in “Knoxville”) is a classic option: a great variety of flavorful coffee, bagels, sandwiches and nice visuals with dark brown accents.

Much to the excitement of city dwellers and college students, K Brew has three locations. They have one shop on Kingston Pike, another in Downtown Knoxville, and a third in North Knoxville, which is a little closer to campus. 

Even though they are technically the same business, each location has a slightly different aesthetic to offer. 

The Kingston Pike location is more of a conversational environment, with a wide, open space and plenty of seating. It can get a bit busy and chaotic, so for those who prefer a quieter atmosphere to get their work done, they may prefer the downtown or North Knoxville locations, which are smaller, quieter spaces that are perfect for grinding out some homework.

Likewise Coffee

This coffee shop just opened up over winter break and is already getting plenty of buzz, and rightfully so.

Likewise is on East Magnolia Avenue, just a little ways away from UT. Likewise has quite an interesting set-up; the coffee shop is inside a renovated 100-year-old house.

There are all kinds of nooks and crannies within Likewise. Whether someone wants to relax on a couch and read a book or fix themselves at a table to spend a few hours completing online assignments, there’s really a spot for everyone. 

On their Instagram, they also post stories with “Today’s Vibe,” which are suggestions for different types of coffee to order. 

Likewise is a great choice no matter what sort of atmosphere someone is looking for; because of the different rooms and hallways blocking off seating areas, it’s adaptable to whatever someone needs.

Remedy Coffee

Located on a cozy corner of Tyson St. in north Knoxville just a few minutes from UT’s campus, Remedy Coffee is home to excellent coffee and is an ideal study space.

The vibes of this shop are immaculate, with wood tables, natural lighting, white brick and greenery surrounding the space. 

The word that comes to mind to describe Remedy is simplicity; it is a quiet atmosphere to have a chat with a friend or get some homework done, or both. 

Also, located just next door is Paysan Bread. Remedy-goers who find themselves getting a bit peckish can just head over and grab themselves a freshly made bagel to gain some energy for the day ahead.

If anyone is interested in being notified when new coffee shops or any other cool businesses appear in Knoxville, a fantastic Instagram account to check out is @new2knox.

This article has been edited to add additional information.

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