Shonen Jump Cover 8/31

This week marks the cancellation of yet another rookie series: “Time Paradox Ghost Writer.” It also marks the beginning of a brand new series: “Phantom Seer.” “Shonen Jump” seems to have a fascination with paranormal series these days.

On top of that, the magazine’s biggest hitters are swinging with full force, and you won’t want to miss any of the content coming out of your favorite series right now!

“One Piece”—On Break

Series on break this week.

“My Hero Academia” Chapter 282

Chapter 282 continues to smash the reader with powerful pages as the battle from the last chapter trudges toward its conclusion. Horikoshi’s art is intoxicating, and the impact of every panel is felt full force in these climactic scenes.

While the chapter lacks in deeper symbolism or metaphor in itself, it is truly meant to be read with the entire arc in mind, and as such it acts a perfect action sequence between moments of philosophical debate.

Readers will simply have to wait for the following chapters to discover everyone’s fate.

4.5/5 Torches

“Jujutsu Kaisen” Chapter 119

Most often, “Jujutsu Kaisen” is a gorefest, with near non-stop action and little depth. This week’s chapter isn’t any different, but it did focus quite a bit on clarifying how specific curse abilities work.

Its lack of clarity is often its biggest weak point. The series normally has minimal dialogue in the fights so as to preserve momentum, whereas other shonen series might spend pages of dialogue detailing how everything works. “Jujutsu Kaisen’s” method works if the abilities aren’t complicated, but the truth is they can be very complicated in this manga.

The art is also much more stable in this chapter in comparison to some recent ones where the art looks like chicken scratch on canvas.

Overall, the current arc is winding down, and the author’s method of using Sukuna to clean up every arc is getting a bit old. Regardless, the story should be entering a brand new phase soon as the saga that has been progressing since chapter one is reaching its close.

3.5/5 Torches

“Chainsaw Man” Chapter 82

The flood gates have opened, and readers finally learn everything. Chapter 82 is the perfect continuation and conclusion of what has come before it, clearing up the mess and lighting the way for the future.

Furthermore, the art this week is surreal in its use of angles to impart feeling onto the reader. Whereas there have been plenty of chapters where the art has been the manga’s weakest point, this chapter’s art defines it alongside its beautiful use of dialogue.

There is no dramatic irony here. We learn everything at the same rate Denji does, and his reactions mirror our own.

Somehow, Tatsuki Fujimoto has made me feel Denji on a psychological level in a way that few readers can pull off.

5/5 Torches

“Undead Unluck” Chapter 29

To be honest, I enjoyed this chapter the most out of any this arc had to offer. That seems to be the case; info-dump chapters tend to be the best.

Setting up the end goal is something important, as the lack of a definable goal is part of what caused “Bleach” to drop in popularity, while “Naruto” and “One Piece” continued. Fans wanted to see the day Naruto became the Hokage, and fans are still waiting to see the day Luffy becomes the Pirate King.

In the case of “Undead Unluck,” fans will be waiting to see Andy and Fuuko kill God himself.

Up to this point, all the arcs have been short, lasting only a couple of weeks each. This has been off putting as it limits the depth each story arc has to offer, but perhaps the defining of an end goal will allow the story to expand into more complex, long lasting plotlines.

4/5 Torches

“Ayakashi Triangle” Chapter 10

Unfortunately, this chapter wasn’t very funny and didn’t have any cool action scenes. Instead, it centered itself around ecchi panels, and then turned itself around at the end as set up for the next mini-arc.

The ecchi panels are par for the course as that’s just the kind of manga this is, but the lack of comedy in a comedy manga doesn’t bode well for its future, especially at such an early point in its run.

Though, one could see this chapter and those that follow it working well in animated format, as of yet this manga has done nothing to give it a sense of permanence or longevity.

I do like the consistent, crisp artwork, though. And having a chill manga to read that isn’t as impactful as the others is a breath of fresh air, something readers can sit back and relax while reading.

While the chapter won’t be put on anyone’s top-ten list, it’s still an enjoyable read that lacks any aspect one might consider objectively bad.

2.5/5 Torches

“Hard Boiled Cop and Dolphin” Chapter 8

“Hard Boiled Cop and Dolphin” has taken a sharp left turn in terms of content this week. Rather than a comedic adventure at the bottom of the sea as the story was setting up for, we instead get pulled away with the sudden introduction of members of the villainous sea cult hinted at in chapter one.

Despite the rapidity of the content transition, I felt Ryuhei Tamura pulled it off well. As when a public servant gets called into work during their time off, Samejima and Orpheus received a call from the superiors and were informed that dangerous men had been spotted.

In fact, the chapter subtly sets up just how the entire series will progress. Though a comedy at heart, the true story of “Hard Boiled Cop and Dolphin” has been pushed to the forefront.

I would have preferred some more jokes, though.

3/5 Torches

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