This week in streaming

Despite what you might expect, the coronavirus hasn’t halted the entertainment industry. Companies like Disney and Netflix still release new content on their streaming platforms. This week is full of new, varied releases. Here’s what to check out on streaming platforms this week.

Disney Plus

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 10 – 4/24/2020

After a six year wait and eight episodes of varying quality, Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes to its end with the long-awaited Siege of Mandalore arc.

This week’s episode continues from last week. Previously, the Galactic Republic invaded Mandalore to liberate it from Darth Maul’s rule. After successfully capturing the capital, former Jedi Ashoka confronts the Dark Lord one-on-one.

The series is looking to wrap up on a high note. Star Wars fans won’t want to miss it.


The Willoughbys – 4/22/2020

Netflix’s latest 3D animated feature follows the titular Willoughby family. After years being raised by selfish parents, the Willoughby children decide they’re better off on their own. They set off on a journey to send their parents away. Along the way, they’ll find a new definition of family.

Fans of Netflix’s latest animation projects like “Klaus” and “Green Eggs & Ham” should keep an eye on this one.

Absurd Planet – 4/22/2020

The natural world is so crazy at times that it’s hard to keep track of. Netflix’s new nature documentary seeks to chart nature in a humorous light. Quirky animals and the curious traits of mother nature are central to this new series — a must watch for nature lovers.

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 – 4/23/2020

The 1989 “Ghost in the Shell” manga inspired many animated adaptations over the years. “SAC_2045” is the latest in a long line of those adaptations.

The franchise follows a world where technology and the human mind have completely merged. People can transform themselves into cyborgs by augmenting both body and mind. This results in new kinds of cybercrimes which require new police forces to combat. Motoko Kusanagi is a member of one of those forces. She’ll solve these crimes in this cyberpunk adventure.

Extraction – 4/24/2020

Chris Hemsworth stars in a new Netflix original movie as mercenary Tyler Rake. Rake suddenly finds his life complicated when hired to protect a crime lord’s son. With this job, he’ll find himself dragged into the underground world of drugs and crime. This one appears to be a good time for action movie fans.

The Last Kingdom Season 4 – 4/26/2020

Often described as “Game of Thrones” meets “Vikings.” Netflix’s “The Last Kingdom” will return with its fourth season.

The story occurs in first and second century Great Britain. It follows Uhtred of Bebbanburg as he interacts with Saxons, Danes and Vikings vying for control of the region. Though a work of historical fiction, fantasy fans are sure to enjoy “The Last Kingdom.”

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