This week in streaming

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic means more and more movies released directly to the small screen. This week is no exception, with horror, documentaries and drama all available to stream from your devices. For the first time in months, however, movie theaters have begun to reopen, meaning there’s a chance for audiences to view a film on the big screen.

Here are a few of your options.

Chemical Hearts (Amazon Prime)

August 21

A teen romance following two high school journalists: sure to be a Beacon favorite.

Henry Page fancies himself a romantic, but he has never been in love. He then meets Grace Town, and everything changes. As the two co-edit the school paper, they find each other falling more and more in love. If you’re a romantic or a journalist (or possibly both), give this one a shot.

Unhinged (Theaters)

August 21

The latest film starring Russel Crowe, “Unhinged” is set to be the first new film released in theaters since the pandemic struck.

It follows Rachel, played by Caren Pistorius, on the unfortunate day she encounters an increasingly insane stranger. The stranger, played by Crowe, stalks Rachel and her family in an unhinged attempt to leave his mark on the world. The cat and mouse game progresses rapidly as Crowe’s character loses his touch with reality.

Crowe promises another great performance, though stay safe should you choose to see this one.

Enter the Forbidden City (Amazon Prime, Google Play)

August 18

Another foreign film, “Enter the Forbidden City” takes us to Imperial China. Yue Jiu is a famous opera singer expelled from the capital for vulgarity. After meeting fellow opera singer Wang Runsheng, the two are invited back alongside all other opera troupes in China. Now, they must choose between their reputations and their love for the art.

Initially released in 2018, western audiences can finally watch “Forbidden City” with video-on-demand this week.

American Street Kid (Amazon Prime)

August 21

Another documentary emerges this week, this one tackling teen homelessness. Michael Leoni follows eight teenagers, each one having lived without housing since they were 15-16. Such a life leads to difficult decisions, with the teens forced to do drastic things to survive in a world most don’t know exists.

Though tackling a difficult subject, “American Street Kids” looks to do so as best it can. Watch to learn about a difficult reality still facing our country.

The Vanished (Amazon Prime)

August 21

A horror movie of the “scary things happening to a family in the woods” variety. Said family simply wants a relaxing vacation. Unfortunately, it takes a turn for the worse once the two children vanish without a trace. The parents, Paul and Wendy, stop at nothing to find them as revelation leads to shocking revelation.

A psychological thriller through-and-through, watch if you like your blood pressure high and your woods spooky.

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