RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

On July 29, the latest episode of “Drag Race All Stars 6” arrived on Paramount Plus. Bringing another unique challenge and exciting runway, the episode continued to prove why all of these queens are deserving of a spot on “All Stars.”

After the nearly unanimous decision to send home A’keria C. Davenport last week, it became clear just how small the distinctive pack had become. At this point, the remaining queens will be judged on very precise details due to the stiffness of the competition.

Following some Werk Room banter, RuPaul entered to announce the challenge of the week: writing and performing verses to an uplifting anthem. They were immediately split into two groups, one consisting of Ra’Jah O’Hara, Trinity K. Bonet, Jan and Pandora Boxx, and the other group consisting of Kylie Sonique Love, Eureka and Ginger Minj.

Given the anthemic nature of the song they were asked to perform, the queens were given yet another chance to intertwine their activism with their performances. As the queens discussed their lyrical inspirations for the song, Pandora Boxx explained her idea to “channel all of the things she felt she couldn’t say as a young gay boy” into the song.

In a Werk Room visit, RuPaul gave constructive criticism to many of the queens on their verses, reminding them to stray away from sounding “preachy” but also emphasizing the importance of “digging deep” with their lyrics.

As the groups began the dance rehearsals for their performance, it was clear that the former group had a more clear understanding of what the challenge called for, led by strong choreography from Bonet. The latter group proved to be far more chaotic, failing to establish a leader and struggling to put together a dance routine.

When the queens hit the main stage for their performance, it was clear which queens slayed the challenge and which ones did not rise to the occasion. Starting off on a sour note with performances from an overeager Jan and a stiff Pandora Boxx, O’Hara and Bonet quickly made up for the weak links of their group, bringing inspiring verses and tight choreography.

The second group certainly worked out some of the kinks from their rehearsal, as Eureka, Kylie Sonique Love and Ginger Minj all gave strong performances.

On the runway the category was “Hot Tropics,” giving the queens an opportunity to show off the flowy summer outfits they packed. Bonet was a clear highlight in an extravagant Brazillian-inspired look, resulting in her second challenge win and therefore establishing her as the frontrunner.

Pandora Boxx and Jan were declared the bottom two, and emotionally plead their cases backstage. As Bonet prepared for the lip sync and the queens all voted, it was unclear who would be going home.

At last, Bonet took the stage against lip sync assassin Alexis Mateo. While Bonet seemed at first to be the winner of the lip sync, a last minute wig malfunction caused Mateo to claim the victory, revealing a tie between the bottom two, Jan and Pandora Boxx.

For the first time in "All Stars" her-story, the power went back into Bonet’s hands, with her revealing her decision to send home Jan. As the number of queens dwindles to six, the competition continues getting tighter, with only Bonet having a slight edge over the others. 

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