Yes, yes it is.

To put it simply, the new Disney+ streaming service, which debuted on Nov. 12, is definitely worth the money. While there may be some downsides, overall Disney+ is absolutely worth the money.

When first deciding whether or not to invest in the Disney+ streaming service, I was hesitant. While I could think of a few movies I wanted to see that would probably be included, I didn’t anticipate there being a large library of content to enjoy.

I had also considered the exclusive content Disney+ would be rolling out, which is what ultimately convinced me to make an account with the streaming service.

I’m a huge “Star Wars”fan, and when the new show “The Mandalorian was announced, I was so excited. But, when I found out the only way I could watch the weekly episode of the new live-action “Star Wars” show was to make a Disney+ account, I resigned to the corporate machine.

I was amazed, however, by the vast amount of content I saw. From older Disney movies to brand new exclusive content, the Disney+ library is chock full of content for the whole family to enjoy.

The upside

Disney+ offers a wide variety of shows and movies that anyone could enjoy. If you are looking for heartwarming throwbacks to your childhood, Disney+ is for you.

How about some new Disney content or more recent Pixar films? Disney+ has your back.

If you’re more interested in some serious documentaries, Disney+ has a lot of National Geographic content.

Or, if you desperately want to watch Jeff Goldblum unravel the mysteries of everyday items like ice cream and sneakers, Disney+ has you covered — for some reason.

The best thing is, Disney plus offers all of that and more for a relatively low price. In recent years, streaming services like Netflix have raised their prices. However, Disney+ has managed to offer a fairly impressive lineup of shows and movies for just $6.99.

The downside

While the expansive collection of Disney content at the disposal of subscribers is impressive, some of the technical aspects of the company’s streaming site are not the best.

Disney+ was just launched, so it’s not surprising that there are some technical issues when using the service. Things like episodes being out of order or missing, problems with visual aspects when watching a show or movie and having issues pausing/playing content are just a few of the issues that have been reported.

Another downside of the streaming service is that some of the content displayed on the website is not yet available due to “existing agreements.” Movies like “Holes,” one of my favorites, will be available within a few weeks. However, some movies like “You Again,” another favorite of mine, won’t be available for years.

While there is a fair amount of content on Disney+, it is still limited to some pretty specific genres. If you’re looking for gritty crime dramas or late-night, raunchy comedies, Disney+ can’t help you, which is another prospective downside.

New, exclusive content

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the exclusive content being released on Disney+ and its quality.

I personally was pleasantly surprised to find out that most of the new, exclusive content is very good quality.

My personal favorites are “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” “The Mandalorian” and “Encore!”

“High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”: 9/10

When I initially heard that there was a “High School Musical” reboot in the works, I thought it would fall in the same category as all of the other recent attempts to reboot (and subsequently ruin) some of my favorite childhood movies and TV shows. Disney has been notorious for this lately (please see the “Freaky Friday” reboot or the “Kim Possible” reboot), and none of their attempts have been successful.

However, I decided to give this new show a chance and I’m so glad I did. “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” doesn’t attempt to be its predecessor at all and shies away from many of the cliches and bad writing techniques that recent Disney shows have been plagued by.

I highly, highly recommend this show.

“The Mandalorian”: 8/10

As I previously discussed, this is the show that drew me to Disney+ in the first place. I’m a huge “Star Wars” fan and I’ve always longed for a live action show that lived up to the drama, action and intrigue of the franchise.

Thus far, “The Mandalorian” has pretty much succeeded in that regard. While the show has had a pretty slow build up, I think the writers know what they’re doing. I think they are taking their time to set up a truly beautiful, action-packed story arc this season.

“Encore!”: 7.5/10

This reality show has a pretty interesting concept. Producers (one of whom is the incomparable Kristen Bell) reunite high school drama kids to put on the plays they put on when they were in school together. But, the show isn’t just about the plays they produce, it’s a moving look at how people, friendships and relationships change over the years.

The first episode of “Encore!” knocked it out of the park. The second episode wasn’t executed quite as well as the first, but there is still a whole season to look forward to.

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