PlayStation 5

One of the benefits of the new console generation is how many older titles feel fresh on new hardware. Greater loading times for games improve the overall experience, and as we have seen from certain developers, some older titles have received a next-gen face lift.

On the PS5, titles like Days Gone and God of War (2018) have received free updates that included 60 fps gameplay and 4K resolution. Just recently, the 2016 Rachet and Clank game also received a much needed 60 fps boost.

Owners of the PS5 are still hungry for more games to take advantage of their new console, so having older titles get a graphical boost would be a huge bonus to their library. Here we will breakdown the list of PS4 titles that need a next-gen upgrade.

Uncharted 4/ Uncharted: Lost Legacy

To think, it’s been five years since players last saw Nathan Drake. The Uncharted series has been a part of the PlayStation’s legacy since the PS3 era as they both pushed the boundaries of a PlayStation game in terms of gameplay, visuals and storytelling.

There’s no doubt about it: both Uncharted 4 and its equally good spinoff, Lost Legacy, stand the test of time with their high-quality gameplay and sleek visuals. However, it feels dated to play now at 30 fps compared to the line-up of other games available on PS5.

While it might be a long time before PlayStation fans get to see another Uncharted game, perhaps now is the perfect time to give these backwards compatible games a visual makeover.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn accomplished what so many new IP’s struggle to do: capture the hearts of players and critics alike, cementing itself as a PlayStation staple on its debut title. This open-world adventure wowed players with its unique world and mechanically deep robotic monsters.

With a sequel due sometime this year, giving Horizon: Zero Dawn a graphical boost on PS5 would be a smart move on Sony’s part to build excitement for the upcoming Horizon: Forbidden West.

To an extent, we have already seen what a improved Horizon looks like since it was ported to PC last year, and while the initial release wasn’t exactly up to snuff, multiple patches have brought it to a much better place. Translating that success to the PlayStation version of the game should be a must on Sony’s part.

Death Stranding

Speaking of PS4 titles that were ported to PC, Death Stranding is also a game that could seriously benefit from a PS5 upgrade. This critical darling from Kojima Productions pushed the PS4 to its limits, so letting it cut loose on the PS5 is almost a no-brainer.

While its visuals were certainly cutting-edge on the PS4, its unique take on the open-world formula is sure to draw players in. Death Stranding’s world is also connected with other players’ worlds. Roads and structures built in one can pop up in your game and assist in making deliveries easier on you.

Plenty of new owners of the PS5 mark it as their first PlayStation console, so giving an upgrade to Death Stranding is bound to bring in new players.


This brutal, action RPG title has a dedicated fanbase that is still going strong despite releasing six years ago. Fans have often pointed out how the original’s main issue is performance issues and running at 30 fps.

Bloodborne running at 60 fps with frame rate fixes its more problematic areas and is a dream come true for many fans. Not only that, but even the original suffered from long loading screens between transitioning to a new area and after dying.

In a game where you are expected to die and restart a lot, it would be an absolute boon to have near-instant load times to get back into the action.

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