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With Masashi Kishimoto (author of the original “Naruto” series) taking over writing duties for “Boruto” back on chapter 52, fans felt that something big may be coming for the series. After multiple chapters of build up and action, we finally have payoff that will forever change the future of the “Naruto” universe.

Spoilers for all of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” ahead.

Chapter 55, titled “Legacy,” picks up right where chapter 54 ends. After activating Baryon Mode in the battle with Otsutsuki Isshiki, Naruto achieved the peak of his power. According to Kurama, the Nine-Tailed-Fox, this would come at the cost of his life.

At the end of chapter 54, Naruto looked like he may have finally bit the bullet. At the beginning of “Legacy,” however, Kurama reveals that Baryon Mode actually came at the cost of his life instead of Naruto’s.

Though Naruto lives to see another day, without Kurama, he has lost a bulk of his strength. Though it is unclear how weak Naruto is, he will be far from Naruto fans know from earlier in the series.

A small line in this chapter also confirmed another loss that many had assumed from previous chapters: Sasuke can no longer use his Rinnegan. Though this may be healed sometime in the future, this loss will also be a huge blow to Sasuke’s power. After one battle, Konoha is significantly weaker than it was before.

Though Otsutsuki Isshiki is officially dead, there are still a number of threats looming in the distance. Otsutsuki Momoshiki lives on through Boruto’s karma, and his reemergence could come at any time.

This chapter also gave a proper introduction to Code, a devout follower of Isshiki that vows to gain vengeance for his fallen master and become an Otsutsuki himself.

Seeing as how this chapter was incredibly significant for the future of “Boruto,” it’s a good thing that it was mostly done well.

The scene in the beginning where Kurama wishes Naruto farewell and fades into the afterlife is a touching goodbye to one of the most important characters in Naruto’s life. Though it could have been fleshed out just a bit more, it is truly sad to see two characters that were once at odds part as close friends.

After Kurama’s death, however, the chapter gets a bit rocky. The scene where Boruto is trying to use the karma to get everyone back to Konoha was one of the worst in recent “Boruto.” Having Kiwami piss Boruto off to get the Karma to work doesn’t really make much sense and isn’t very funny, leading to more eye rolls than chuckles.

The chapter does end with a nice scene between Boruto and Kiwami, with the two clearly exhibiting a brotherly bond that readers can look forward to developing.

With Konoha’s most powerful players crippled and dangerous threats on the horizon, the future is looking bright for “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.”

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