Shiesty Season

With discussion about the hip-hop/rap industry constantly being taken up by just a few rappers and artists, it’s always nice to see a new-comer debut with a quality first album.

Hailing from Tennessee’s own Memphis, rapper Pooh Shiesty’s debut album/mixtape “Shiesty Season” dropped on Friday and is a strong first outing. Over the mixtape’s 17 tracks, Shiesty makes it clear that, though he is new to the scene, he is a force to be reckoned with.

The mixtape might not feature any big messages or big revelations from Shiesty or any of his collaborators, but it doesn’t need to. At the end of the day, “Shiesty Season” is a ton of fun and features great beats and catchy lyrics that just about any fan of rap will no doubt enjoy.

If “Shiesty Season” had to have an overall theme, it would probably be Shiesty’s love for guns and their importance in his life. The theme is felt in just about every song, showing just how much of an impact weaponry has had on Shiesty’s life.

“Shiesty Season,” though full of quality tracks featuring only Shiesty himself, shines brightest on tracks featuring collaborators. The first song on the mixtape, “Back in Blood,” is one of the very best. The song features Lil Durk, a rapper who flows very well with Shiesty.

Similarly, songs such as “Ugly” featuring Gucci Mane and “Box of Churches” featuring 21 Savage stand out on the mixtape. Though he has only been with Guuci Mane’s 1017 Records for less than a year, Shiesty has made good use of the label’s connections.

“Big 13 Gang” also shows off these connection, with Lil Hank and Choppa Wop joining Shiesty on one of the best songs on the mixtape. Each rapper plays off the others incredibly well, making a short — but sweet — track that stands out among the others on the mixtape.

This doesn’t mean that Shiesty can’t stand out on his own, however. Songs such as “Gone MIA” and “Twerksum” are some of the best on the album, both supported by Shiesty alone.

Though the mixtape shines overall, it suffers form a lack of originality. Many songs on the mixtape flow together a bit too well, with beats that sound too similar to justify. With all songs on the mixtape sharing a similar theme as well, it can be easy to forget which song is which in some of the less stellar tracks.

Tracks such as “50 Shots” and “No Chorus” suffer from this, with no significant ideas or features causing them to be lost among better songs on the mixtape.

“Shiesty Season” is a strong debut from relative newcomer Pooh Shiesty. Though it isn’t perfect, Shiesty has shown his potential in the industry, and, hopefully, future mixtapes will only show improvement from Shiesty.

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