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If you have been on the internet anytime in the in the last five years, you have most likely heard of “Baby Shark.”

“Baby Shark” was written by Eren Newton as a campfire song sometime in the late 90s. Pinkfong, a South Korean educational company, released their own version of the song in 2015. The song quickly exploded in popularity and an English version was shortly released in 2016.

Pinkfong’s English version of “Baby Shark” was used in a Youtube video titled “Baby Shark Dance” published on June 17, 2016 that now has over 4.6 billion views. This makes it the most popular version of the song.

The children’s song has become so popular that is has its own theatrical adaptation, “Baby Shark Live.”

The story follows Baby Shark and his group of friends as they attempt to meet up. However, the group struggles to find each other despite both parties searching at the same time. Baby Shark and friends face several challenges along the way and keep the audience in suspense the entire time. Never during the 80-minute show did I leave the edge of my seat.

The set of “Baby Shark Live” was incredibly impressive. They made use of several electronic screens to introduce characters and apply special effects as characters entered and exited the stage. Not only that, but also the props were incredibly well made and looked extremely professional. Baby Shark as well as his friends, Hoagie and Pinkfong, had well designed costumes that really brought the characters to life.

As for the actors, they worked incredibly hard to create a believable and enjoyable story. From their fluid motions that corresponded to sound effects, to the dances that seemed like they took months of training to pull off, the actors of “Baby Shark Live” created an experience I will not soon forget.

“Baby Shark Live” is easily one of the greatest theatrical performances in the world. Everything including the set itself, the masterfully crafted props, and the actors made the performance unimaginably good. The cast even sang original songs mixed in with classics such as, “Wheels on the Bus” and “Five Little Monkeys,” which really just drove the performance through the roof.

Realistically, “Baby Shark Live” was an okay performance. It has a simple to understand story and was well put together. If you have a kid and the extra money to spend, I would recommend seeing the show. As one of the only adults there unaccompanied by a child, I was surprised to find that I did not absolutely hate it.

The show is clearly geared for children but had some enjoyable aspects even for older viewers. It is easy to appreciate the amount of work they put into it and that it isn’t just the song “Baby Shark” on repeat for 80 minutes. Everyone involved in the making of “Baby Shark Live” genuinely put effort into it. If I had a kid, I would not mind taking them to see it. 

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