Pups and their owners dressed in festive costumes to march in the Mardi-Growl pet parade on Mar. 4, 2018.

Getting a costume ready for Halloween is fun, but perhaps the most entertaining holiday activity is preparing a costume for your pet. Over the past few years, dogs and cats in Halloween costumes have been wildly popular. In fact, even UT engages with the trend as they hosted their annual “Howloween Pooch Parade and Pet Expo” event on Sunday, where dogs from all over Knoxville competed in a costume contest.

You’ve probably noticed all the pet costumes for sale at Target and Petsmart, but there are some other options that require little time and money. The one thing they might require, however, is some patience from your pet.

There are quite a few options that are comfortable for animals, but if you have a furry friend who despises being dressed, you may just want to let them sit this one out.


If you take your dog to Starbucks and ask for a Puppuccino, the barista will happily hand you a small cup of whipped cream for your dog at no charge. This is many dogs’ favorite snack, and what better costume for them than their beloved Starbucks treat?

Simply print out a Starbucks label and put it on one of your pet’s shirts or paste it to a piece of cardboard to wrap around their torso. Then, take a coffee lid and attach it to a string that you can tie around their head, so they can wear it as a hat.

Beanie Baby

Perhaps one of the easiest costumes for both you and your pet is a Beanie Baby costume. If your cat or dog does not love the idea of a full costume, this might be the right one for them.

They already know how to look like a stuffed animal, so all you have to do is create a beanie baby tag to tie to their collar. Just use paper or cardboard and write “TY” in the Beanie Baby font and secure it with a red bow. If you want to go the extra mile, you can write a little bio about your cat or dog on the other side of the card.


Turning your dog or cat into sushi is an easy costume to create, but they might not be able to keep it on for the whole night, so be prepared to snap some pictures and then remove it. Find a small white pillow or blanket — this is the rice — and place a colored pillow or blanket — this is the fish — on top of it and tie them around your pet’s torso with a piece of black or green fabric — this is the seaweed. Again, this might not stay together while they’re running around, but they will look super cute.

If you want a more secure sushi option, you can find some actual costumes at Petsmart or on Amazon. This DIY method, however, is a little more budget-friendly.

Dobby the House Elf

Dobby the House Elf from “Harry Potter” is an iconic pop culture character and fans of the series will greatly appreciate this obscure costume for your pet — especially if your pet has really big ears. If you’re crunched for time and short on resources, this is a super simple costume and will not be uncomfortable for your pet.

In the movies, Dobby just wears a tattered white gown. Just find a white or brown t-shirt that will fit your dog or cat and then tie it around their shoulders so it looks a little bit raggedy. Also, Dobby iconically receives a sock in the movies which sets him free, so let your furry friend carry around a sock all night to give the full effect.


If you want to get a little more crafty with your pet’s costume, this idea might be perfect for you. All you need to do for it is create a lion mane to put around your cat or dog’s neck and you have created your tiny lion. While people usually do this for dogs, it seems to make even more sense if you have a cat, since they’re more closely related to lions.

All you need to do is buy some brown tulle and then cut it into strips to tie around your dog’s collar. Or, you can get an elastic ribbon to tie it all to, if you don’t want to use the collar. Once you have placed tulle all around their neck, you have given your pet a new mane.

Abby Anne Ramsey Halloween photo

Staff writer Abby Anne Ramsey dressed up as a princess for Halloween

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