The Ancient Gods Part 2 isn’t just a continuation of Doom Eternal’s first DLC, but also a culmination of the Doom Slayer’s journey since the 2016 reboot.

We as players have been a part of the Doom Slayer’s crusade from the very beginning. We have witnessed him fight through the demon infestation on Mars and slay both demons and gods alike, and now it is time to end things. What the Ancient Gods Part 2 offers is a climatic finale that acts as both the ultimate test of player skill and an unapologetically metal farewell to the greatest demon slayer to exist.

At the end of the first part, the Slayer made one last bid to wipe out Hell for good by resurrecting the Dark Lord, Hell’s creator. The plan was to execute the Dark Lord as soon as he returned so that all his creations would die with him.

It doesn’t work.

Shot and Edited by Seth Chapman

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