WHAT’S UP VOL NATION! It's time for the Weekly Wrap-Up with Lexi O’Haver---- @lexi_ohaver Catch up on everything that happened this week on UT's campus!

UT’s Pride Center hosted a Safe Zone Workshop to bring awareness gender, sexuality, and skills to help students handle situations surrounding discrimination and injustice.

A virtual diabetes health seminar was held this past week. The goal of the event was to help students with diabetes watch their blood sugar, manage stress, eat healthy, and create exercise schedules.

On Thursday, Professor Bridget Fielder from the University of Wisconsin hosted an Early Black Literacy and Generational Uplift seminar to support the Africana studies department. For more information on Black History Month visit https://calendar.utk.edu/.

This past week, UT’s Center for Career Development hosted a virtual resumé workshop to help prepare students for the workforce.

The College of Arts and Sciences celebrated Fredrick Douglass day on Friday February 12. The event was held virtually and was centered around celebrating black literary history.

Volunteer Basketball lost Saturday! The Volunteers are now 14-5 after beating Georgia on Wednesday, but losing to LSU Saturday.

Thanks for watching! Tune in next week for another weekly wrap-up.

Shot by Lexi O’Haver

Edited by Sami Roebuck

Script by Lexi O’Haver

Thumbnail by Sami Roebuck

Graphics by Sami Roebuck


"Drive" by Zac Nelson

"High Life" by Duffmusiq


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