The Weekly Wrap-Up is on the move! With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, many of our videographers are not able to produce their weekly scheduled content in the same manner. However, this will not stop the flow of our content! Our team is working hard to produce our regular content with limited access to equipment and sets. Please be patient with our team as we make this difficult transition! It's time for the Weekly Wrap-Up with your host!

Austin Orr wraps up the 10th week of the 2020 Spring semester!

The Weekly Wrap-Up is the go-to place for a face-paced overview of the most important campus and city news stories. Join Austin every Monday to stay up to date with the news!

Shot by Cason Orr

Edited by Austin Orr

Written by Allie Justis


"Drive" by Zac Nelson

"High Life" by Duffmusiq


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