Graduation caps in grass

Graduation caps sit on the lawn in Circle Park on May 2, 2022.

It’s graduation season at the university as many students gear up to move on to the next chapter of their lives. The exciting transition for these students does not come without its stressors. Graduation day itself is a huge event that can leave many students and attendees feeling overwhelmed.

In order to make graduation day as relaxed as possible, there are many things to be prepared for. It is important to know the many graduation times, parking information, locations and more as the date approaches. This should be a day of celebration and excitement for students and here are five tips to make the day special without being overwhelmed.

Graduation times

The first and most important part of graduation day is knowing the time of the ceremony.

Graduating students and attendees should be aware of the ceremony times to prepare for traffic, parking and other inconveniences that may occur and take up time.

Graduation at UT will take place from Friday, May 20 to Sunday, May 22 for all the colleges at the university. Times for each ceremony can be found on UT’s website.


All graduations at the university take place indoors at Thompson-Boling Arena. It is located right next to Neyland Stadium off of Neyland Drive.

The arena is easily accessible for attendees with many entry points placed around the arena. Once inside, attendees may sit wherever they please within the arena as they wait for the ceremony to begin.


Parking at the university can always be difficult to navigate, especially if unprepared.

For graduation, graduates and guests will have access to parking in the G-10 and G-5 lots on campus. These lots are very close to Thompson-Boling Arena and should allow attendees applicable time to park and walk to the arena without having to navigate the large campus.

Post-graduation pictures

After the ceremony, guests are not allowed onto the arena floor and are to proceed out of the arena. There are many great spots around Thompson-Boling Arena to capture the moment.

Right next to the arena are Neyland Stadium and Circle Park. These are great places to take pictures with friends and family, whether it be in front of the large stadium or in front of the Torch Bearer.

Graduation caps

While all the technical aspects of graduation are important, it is also important for graduates to have fun on their special day. One widespread trend throughout the years has been to decorate graduation caps.

Decorating a graduation cap allows graduates to express themselves and their success in whatever unique way they want. Many graduates like to do this by referencing their favorite TV series, film or anything else that may be special to them.

Ideas and tips for decorating a graduation cap can be found all over the internet — Pinterest is a great resource for this DIY project. 

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