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According to the most recent COVID-19 active case numbers on Aug. 30, cases have risen by 57 since Aug. 28, just two days prior.

On Aug. 28 the active case numbers were at 153, 148 cases being students and five employees. By Aug. 30, active cases had risen to 210 — 205 students and five employees.

As for self-isolations, these have also risen in only one day.

On Aug. 29, there were 893 reported self-isolations: 492 non-residential students, 341 residential students and 60 employees. By Aug. 30, self-isolations had risen by 100 cases to 983: 543 non-residential students, 377 residential students and 63 employees.

The self-isolations ring chart on the COVID-19 update website shows that 50% are those who are considered close contacts at 636 people, 22.5% have developed symptoms at 285 people, 16.6% have received positive COVID-19 results at 210 people and the “other” category is 10.6% at 134 people.

More clusters have also arisen since the Zeta Tau Alpha cluster identified Aug. 26.

The two newest identified clusters are also from sorority houses in UT’s Sorority Village: one in Delta Delta Delta on Aug. 28 and the other in Alpha Delta Pi, also on Aug. 28.

Continuous COVID-19 updates as well as more information relating to how the pandemic is affecting UT can be found at the UT coronavirus update website.

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