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Clery Compliance notified students Wednesday evening of a sexual assault that had reportedly taken place in the early hours of the morning in a residence hall on the west side of campus.

Clery reported that the victim was assaulted by another student whom she had met on Tuesday evening after she had denied consent multiple times. The safety notice reminded students that consent is an active agreement to participate in sexual activity. 

“Consent is never implied by a person's attire, reputation, consumption of alcohol or drugs, previous consent to sexual acts or your relationship to the person,” the report said. “Sexual assault is never the victim's fault. The only person responsible for sexual misconduct is the perpetrator.”

In the event of an attack, Clery informed students to get to a safe place, to contact law enforcement immediately and to preserve any evidence of the assault. The safety notice pointed students to the resources available through the Title IX website, as well as the 60 Day Crime Log so that students can track recent crime within the area.

The Clery report also provided students with a link to download the LiveSafe campus safety app, which helps students access resources and report emergencies efficiently. 

“If you engage in sexual activity, be sure you understand your partner's limits, and communicate your own limits clearly,” the report said. “Don't engage in sexual activities without clear consent from your partner.”


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