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While the COVID-19 vaccine has now become available to the UT community, this does not mean that the pandemic is over.

Active COVID-19 cases are nowhere near as high as they were in the fall 2020 semester, but in the past couple of weeks, new clusters have emerged at UT.

For reference, a cluster is defined as “at least five positive cases and/or at least 20 close contacts as a result of one event or in one concentrated location,” according to UT’s COVID-19 website.

On March 25, clusters were found in both the Phi Mu and Sigma Kappa houses in Sorority Village. On March 26, there was a cluster found in an off-campus private residence at the 1800 block of Melrose Avenue, and on March 28, another cluster’s point of origin was at various off campus gatherings: the 700 block of South 17th Street and the Kappa Kappa Gamma house.

As of March 31, there are 17 employees, 189 residential students and 126 non-residential students in active self-isolation. 51.4% of those in self-isolation are isolating due to close contact.

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