With the LGBTQ communities around Knoxville starting to grow and thrive, many people within the last decade or so have been calling for more all-gender bathrooms on campus. Recently, those calls have been heard, and UT administration has begun including all-gender bathrooms into new construction plans around campus, as well as converting old “family restrooms” into all-gender restrooms.

However, many people who would like to take advantage of these new inclusive bathrooms don’t always know where to start when looking for an all-gender bathroom on campus. So, here’s a list of many of the all-gender restrooms on campus and where to find them.

On and near the Hill

On the hill there are all-gender restrooms in seven different buildings, which can be beneficial if you’re a STEM major and are spending most of your time on and around the Hill.

First, Austin Peay has bathrooms on the third and fourth floors in rooms 308A and 408A. In the Dougherty Engineering Building there is a bathroom on the first floor in room 110B. In the middle of the Hill in the South College Building, across from Ayres Hall, there are bathrooms on the second and third floors in rooms 200 and 300.

Hesler Biology, the Jesse Harris Building and the Mossman Building are listed as having all-gender bathrooms, but the room number is not given.

Central campus

For all of those non-STEM majors or people just looking for a good place to study, there are nine buildings that have all-gender bathrooms in the central part of campus. First, there’s the Art and Architecture Building, where the all-gender bathroom is across from Einstein Bros. Bagels on the first floor. Next door is the Ceramics Building, which also has a bathroom on the first floor in room 103.

The Clarence Brown Theater, next to HSS, has a bathroom in room W011B. Then, at HSS there is an all-gender bathroom on the ground floor in room G055A. In Strong Hall, there is an all-gender bathroom on the bottom floor in room B002.

The most well known of all bathrooms is the all-gender bathroom in Hodges Library on the second floor in room 241. In the Music Building, there is also a bathroom on the first floor in rooms 111 and 112. Across from Massey Hall, there are bathrooms in rooms 115 and 116 of Greve Hall and on the second and third floors in Henson Hall. There’s also a bathroom in Melrose Hall in room F next to the Pride Center.

Finally, the Student Union Phase Two is listed to have an all-gender restroom, but the room number is not listed.

Dorm halls

For students living in dorms this semester, many residence halls have worked on putting in all-gender bathrooms in their buildings as well.

In Laurel Hall there is an all-gender bathroom on the first floor in room 126. Orange Hall and White Hall also have inclusive bathrooms on the first floors in both building — room 138 for Orange and 124 for White. Stokely also has an all-gender bathroom on the first floor in room 102. Finally, the Sorority Village Center has two all-gender bathrooms on the first and second floors in rooms 103 and 206.


Last but not least, on some of the random parts of campus, there are a surprising amount of all-gender bathrooms present. The first and best example of this is that almost all stadiums at UT are listed as having all-gender bathrooms. In Neyland, there are bathrooms in the South and East entrances in rooms 217, 567, 131A, 136A and 218D; also, there are all-gender bathrooms in the new Skybox addition on the first, second, fifth and sixth floors.

In the Regal Soccer Stadium there is one on the first floor in room 105. In the Sherri Parker Lee Stadium there is a bathroom in room 104 on the first floor, and Lindsey Nelson Stadium has one in room 216 on the second floor. Also, Temple Hall has bathrooms on the first, second and ground floors in rooms 209, 210, 103 and B004. Finally, the Student Health Center has all-gender bathrooms on the first floor in room 116T and next to the Counseling Center in room 239.

While many resources for people looking for all-gender bathrooms have been listed here in this article, there are still many more that didn’t make the cut. For more information on where to find more all-gender bathrooms, visit the Pride Center’s online resource list. Additionally, a map of available all-gender bathrooms is available on the UTK Maps site, as well as a map showing exactly where the buildings are located on campus, please follow these links. 

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