Massey Hall residents forced to relocate; Announcement comes day tuition cannot be refunded

Staff Report

According to an email sent out to Massey Hall residents, Vice Chancellor for Student Life Frank Cuevas has announced that in order to create more self-isolation space for students affected by the coronavirus, they will have to be relocated.

They have identified Massey Hall as the best option for extra isolation and quarantine space, “due to its low occupancy rate and number of beds.”

Students who must be relocated will receive a 66% refund for their fall semester housing fees, whether they choose to go along with the relocation or if they choose to cancel their contract altogether.

No matter which housing they are placed in, they will still pay the housing rate for Massey for the spring semester. All Massey residents will also receive $250 deposited into their VolCard accounts, and supplies will be provided to help students relocate, along with efforts to keep roommates together.

Cuevas signs off with a phone number, 865-256-7233, which students can call until 6:30 p.m. today to ask questions and voice concerns.

There will also be a live webinar tonight from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. for Massey Hall students and families.

This information comes Sept. 9, which, according to OneStop, is when students will be charged 100% of tuition and cannot receive a refund.

Further, three days ago there was an unverified rumor circulating on Reddit that UT administration was waiting until Sept. 9 to go online, because tuition cannot be refunded. 

Efforts have been made to reach out to several members of the UT communications team regarding these concerns, but they have not responded.

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