Student Counseling Center

UT's Student Counseling Center, located on the second floor of the Student Health Building on 1800 Volunteer Blvd.

As everyone continues into what are still uncharted waters, it is more important now than ever to be familiar with the most crucial COVID-19 resources available on UT’s campus, including testing and quarantine resources as well as mental health support.

Overall, UT’s website dedicated to COVID-19 is a helpful place to find information about anything to do with the pandemic, but here are a few resources to be aware of when needing COVID-19-related assistance on campus.

Student Health Center COVID-19 Clinic

One of the most important resources we have on campus is the Student Health Center’s COVID-19 Clinic, where students can receive tests, regardless of their eligibility for other services, and testing is free. These tests have a quick turnaround time, so results can be obtained in just a day or two.

The clinic also has free home test kits for those without symptoms, and results for these usually come in about two or three days. Call 865-974-5080 for more information from the clinic about testing, both at home and in person.

Saliva testing

This semester, UT has stressed the importance of community saliva testing as a way to prevent outbreaks and more accurately gauge the spread of COVID-19 in our community. On-campus students are required to participate in weekly saliva testing, and while commuter students are not required to participate, it is highly encouraged in order to get the most accurate results for the entire UT community.

Student counseling center

Living through a pandemic is not easy, and the struggles we are facing in these times can feel overwhelming.

The Student Counseling Center has embraced their role as a pillar of support for students through their various resources, including group counseling and therapy assistance, which has adapted to becoming an online resource for the time being.

Information is available on their website.

Mental health support lines

UT has its own mental health support line, which can be both anonymous and personal, in place to assist students, whether in an immediate mental health crisis or not.

(865) 974-HELP (4357) is the Student Counseling Center’s 24-hour helpline, designed to help students in an acute crisis by connecting them with trained mental health professionals.

Further, UT has stressed the importance of using all resources available during a crisis and have encouraged students to also seek the help of the Helen Ross McNabb Center’s COVID-19 counseling helpline at 855-661-919.

This helpline is not affiliated with UT and is focused on assisting those dealing with mental health issues during COVID-19.

Academic Success Center

A branch of the Student Success Center, the Academic Success Center is a resource for students seeking academic assistance during COVID-19, as it can put pressure on classes and can impede learning.

Academic coaching, supplemental group instruction and one-on-one tutoring are all available to students over Zoom. These resources are free, and are a great place to start if you are feeling overwhelmed about classes and learning during the pandemic.

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