15. Min H. Kao Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building

The Min H. Kao Building is home to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 

On Monday, RJ Hinde, interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, sent an email to staff announcing members of a new divisional structure task force. The team is currently working to develop a broad engagement plan in efforts to allow students and faculty to share their feedback on the proposed divisional structure.

The pilot program, which was proposed earlier this year, aims to better accommodate the growing needs of academic programs within the university’s largest college. The plan’s main change will involve the split of the college into three sections: Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Social Sciences, all of which will have its own dean. 

The task force will be divided into teams based on the proposed new divisions within the school.

Arts & Humanities

  • Justin Arft, Classics

  • Joshua Bienko, Art

  • Erin Darby, Religious Studies

  • Luke Harlow, History

  • Samantha Murphy, English

  • David Palmer, Philosophy

  • Drew Paul, Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures

  • Joe Payne, Theatre

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

  • Nina Fefferman, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

  • Liz Fozo, Microbiology

  • Anne Ho, Mathematics

  • Kate Jones, Physics and Astronomy

  • Brian Long, Chemistry

  • Colin Sumrall, Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Albrecht Von Arnim, Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology

Social Sciences

  • Derrick Brooms, Africana Studies

  • Harry Dahms, Sociology

  • Joanne Devlin, Anthropology

  • Erin Hardin, Psychology

  • Will Jennings, Political Science

  • Liem Tran, Geography

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