Office of Title IX

The Title IX office is located at 1817 Melrose Avenue. 

Although Sexual Assault Awareness Month is coming to an end, it is always important for the UT community to be educated on organizations, offices and health centers, on and off campus, for students to learn more about this subject and what they can do to help.

If you or a friend are a victim of sexual misconduct, the University of Tennessee and the Office of Title IX encourages you to report the incident to the UT Police Department or to call 911 for immediate help.

Office of Title IX

One of the primary resources for sexual assault help and education on campus is the Office of Title IX. This organization is dedicated to reducing sexual harassment, exploitation and retaliation in the University of Tennessee. Its website provides several resources and programs for education, training and prevention.

The Office of Title IX also has a list of resources and centers on and off campus that are either confidential, have limited confidentiality or aren’t confidential. These resources include information for the Student Health Center, the UT Police Department, the Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee and the YWCA, among many others.

It is located at 1817 Melrose Avenue, and the office can be reached through email at or over the phone at (865) 974-9600.

Center for Health Education & Wellness (CHEW)

The Center for Health Education and Wellness is another resource for students to learn more about mental health, sexual harassment and substance abuse. CHEW has a lot of information on its website about relationships and consent, facts about drugs and alcohol and resources for students to engage with.

The center has several programs and resources available for students on campus. These include links in their Campus Resources section to self-defense classes, helpful applications, accessible food, centers around campus and programs about drug safety and reduction.

CHEW is located at 1800 Volunteer Boulevard, Suite 201 and can be reached through email at or over the phone at (865) 974-5725.

McNabb Center

The McNabb Center is an off-campus resource dedicated to providing resources for substance abuse, mental health and victims. The center specializes in providing mental health care for affected individuals, but they have other services as well.

It has locations across Tennessee, with the closest two being at 2455 Sutherland Ave. and 600 Arthur St.

The center further provides services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and runaway youths, along with services for victims of other types of abuse.

The McNabb Center also has a crisis hotline available at (865) 539-2409 and can also be reached at 1-(800) 255-9711.

Sexual Empowerment and Awareness at Tennessee (SEAT)

SEAT is an organization on campus that specializes in opening up discussions regarding sex and relationships. It holds different events throughout the semester to foster these discussions. The most prominent event that SEAT organizes is Sex Week. The organization’s goal is to further sexual education for students at UTK.

It can be reached on social media @SEATUTK on Twitter and Instagram.

Pride Center

The Pride Center is a LGBTQ+ center on campus. It provides a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community and offers an opportunity to explore topics relating to gender, sexuality and sexual education.

The center offers several resources on its website, including supplies, packages, discussions, mentor programs, reading groups and the PRIDElist. There are also resources to help yourself, help others and get involved with other organizations and committees.

The Pride Center can be found in the Student Union in room 373 at 1502 Cumberland Ave. It can also be contacted through email at or over the phone at (865) 974-7803.

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