Where to Study - Amphitheater

If you enjoy the outdoors, take advantage of the good weather at the amphitheater next to HSS.

For many students, online classes can make studying even harder, and may even create a lack of structure. It’s important to stay focused on school despite all the uncertainty around us.

If you’re having trouble staying focused while cooped up in a dorm room, here are some places to safely study on campus.

Outside areas

As long as you can maintain a six feet or larger radius of distance from other people, any outside area is great for studying. The HSS amphitheatre lawn is an example of a large outdoor space where it’s relatively easy to stay separated from other students.

The Hill is another outdoor area that’s accessible and easy to spread apart. The large number of benches are great for sitting down away from others, and the grassy areas on both sides of the Hill make fun studying and picnic spots. Plus, there’s even shade on the backside of the Hill to keep you cool.

Remember, if you’re in any place, indoor or outdoor, where you could come in close contact with someone, it’s important to wear a mask.

Hodges Library (safely)

The staff and librarians at Hodges Library have put a lot of thought into making sure the library continues to be a trusted study spot for students. Its resources and space still make it a great place to stay concentrated, and modifications have been made to ensure everyone’s safety.

They have made several modifications in light of safety during the pandemic. Some of these include increased spacing between the computers and tables allowing for more than six feet between students and plexiglass at service stations keep employees safe.

Students are encouraged to order from the Hodges Starbucks online using the GET Food app and pick it up, while also sticking to the designated eating and drinking spaces.

Of course, face coverings are mandatory everywhere inside the library.

Empty classrooms

Simply put, the best place to be during this time is away from other people. As a result of many classes being completely online, open classrooms are a good place to study independently of others. This way, you can be completely separated from other students in a quiet place conducive to studying.

HSS is a great place to start looking for open classrooms. It’s important to be mindful of any in-person classes that might be going on during the day and adjust your studying time and space accordingly.

Overall, wherever you choose to study on campus, make sure to follow the protocol in place, including wearing masks, staying more than six feet apart from others, helping to stay sanitized and following the signage in place.

Online classes can pose new difficulties that many of us didn’t see coming. But with the right mindset, flexibility and willingness to comply with CDC recommendations, we can all keep focused and continue working hard this semester.

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