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As of Wednesday, the Office of Information Technology has implemented a new feature in the UT email system to distinguish external emails from those that originate from within the UT email system.

An email that is sent to a UT email account from an email account not affiliated with UT will arrive with the phrase “[EXTERNAL EMAIL]” in the body of the email.

The new feature aims to protect UT accounts from spam, malware and scam emails by making external emails more recognizable. OIT explained that while they work to prevent these messages from ever reaching UT inboxes, they may still occasionally breach the firewall.

If an email is external, it is not necessarily dangerous or spam. However, students should be more careful about opening emails and attachments from addresses they do not recognize.

An email is considered internal if it originates from any email address affiliated with an institution in the UT system, including emails from UT Chattanooga, UT Knoxville and UT Martin, among others.

A complete list of internal email addresses is available on OIT’s website.

OIT also offers advice about how to recognize a scam or phishing attempt.

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