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On Tuesday, the Office of the Provost released an advisory on academic policies and procedures for the end of the semester. This information is pulled directly from the Academic Policies and Procedures section of the Undergraduate Catalog, which includes protocol that is practiced year round.

A time is allotted for each of the course's final exam. These times can be found on the final exam period schedule. Each period is between two hours and 15 minutes and two and a half hours long, but actual exams are not to exceed two hours. The additional time permitted is intended to provide extra time for technology issues or any additional roll-out that is needed.

Final exams in fully-online classes must be completed online. However, there is no requirement for hybrid or fully in-person classes. All online final exams that are being administered synchronously must be completed within the allotted exam period, given that circumstances are permitting.

If a change needs to be made to an exam period for extenuating circumstances, consultation with the Office of the University Registrar and advance approval from the appropriate department head are required.

Instructors are allowed flexibility in determining exam start times as long as the exam period is included and the period does not exceed two hours. Instructors are also permitted to use the exam period for alternative, non-exam uses, such as presentations or final projects.

Instructors assigning papers, projects or asynchronous final exams should create a submission period that extends at least until the end of the given exam period for the class. These assignments must be distributed before 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 30.

Students are not required to take more than two exams on any given day during the exam week. Individuals with concerns about scheduling must contact their instructors before Tuesday, Nov. 22.

Religious observances might interfere with students’ ability to take a final exam during the given period. These occurrences are considered extenuating circumstances under the Undergraduate Catalog.

The final exam schedule will allow eight makeup slots that can be used to reschedule missed exams or accommodate students with extenuating circumstances.

Wednesday, Nov. 23 will be a No-Class day, and Thursday Dec. 8 will be a Study Day. No assignments are permitted to be due on the Study Day, and no exams are allowed to be scheduled.

Timed quizzes or tests of any sort that are worth more than ten percent of the course grade cannot be administered after Friday, Dec. 2.

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