UT Plant Sale

UT Gardens hosted a fall plant sale on Friday Sept. 24, 2021 offering a selection of perennials, evergreens, dwarf shrubs, trees, and more.

UT Gardens hosted their fall Plant Sale Sept. 24-25, featuring a variety of house plants, perennials, exotic evergreens, trees, shrubs of all sizes and more.

The sale began with a members only, exclusive preview sale day for those who are garden members, UT employees and volunteers. The event opened to the public on the 25th. It was an all day family and pet-friendly event with plant advice from Garden Masters and Gardens staff, as well as many interesting sights and featured booths for shoppers.

The plant sale was thriving with life. Not only were members and community plant lovers alike all experiencing the gorgeous flowering perennials and blooming edible plants, but the event also fostered a sense of community after COVID-19 turned plants into the new pets.

Aside from the fascinating, uncommon evergreens and rare types of trees, like the Japanese Cornelian Cherry named after Knoxville’s very own Sunsphere, or the Slender Silhouette Sweetgum, that can grow up to 60 feet in height, the sale hosted different booths with featured activities and local plant artists.

There was a popular tool sharpening booth as well as an impressive table featuring plant creations. The plant curators displayed beautiful and unique pieces of art featuring potted succulent plants as well as exotic, spherical and lively greenery that were all for sale.

Many fan favorites of the sale are those that are native to the Knoxville area and natural landscape. The green ‘Native’ tags helped shoppers identify and learn more about the plants that originated in Knoxville’s very own soil.

Another shopper favorite are any blooms that feature UT’s traditional orange. Many of the members and general community enjoy expressing their love for the Vols in their home gardens or windowsill.

UT junior Madeline Heyob attended the plant sale on Saturday. When asked about her experience, she expressed her love for the event.

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the Plant Sale. I was pleasantly surprised by the affordability of the products, and love that I was able to bring my dog along,” Heyob said.

There was also a booth to renew or sign up for a membership with the Gardens that would allow for early access to any annual or special shopping experiences with the center. The Garden Masters and Staff were sure to inform shoppers of the rewards and membership perks.

Furthermore, they provided shoppers with carts to aid in carrying their new greeneries, trees and plants, while they continued to enjoy the shopping experience. There will also be a pop-up sale this Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021 to sell any remaining plants from the weekend.

The Gardens were bustling with people from all different walks of life and of all ages. The event had something in it for everyone, and from toddler to the wise, all enjoyed the Fall Plant Sale hosted by the UT Gardens.

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