Students studying (with masks)

Sometimes, it is hard to know exactly where to start in how we can improve ourselves, and especially so when it comes to being motivated when doing schoolwork.

Here is a simple set of habits and resources any student can use to improve their studying habits while also being safe during a time of pandemic.

Pick the right music

Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to music. Some might point you towards classical or jazz as the best study music, but the genre ultimately doesn’t matter. The music you choose should be based on your preference, and music that you don’t like might prove to be more distracting.

That being said, there are types of music you should aim more for that you still enjoy. Try to find songs that have a consistent beat to them. Songs with tempos that go too fast or too slow are more likely to draw your attention away from work.

Also, try to pick songs where you won’t get distracted by the singing. If you are paying more attention to the lyrics than your work, the music is not actually helping.

Organize your notes

Whether it is your class notes or notes you might have taken while reading from your textbook, it is important to organize your thoughts. Taking the time to organize your notes not only makes it more readily available when you need it for homework, but looking it over again gives you a bit more time to review what you wrote.

When it comes to organizing your notes, this ultimately comes down to preference on how you want to categorize your information. However, one helpful tip is to make sure and date your class notes.

With most classes being moved to online, some professors will provide recordings of previous class sessions to students. If you find yourself struggling with a particular topic, try going through and finding a recording of an old class session.

Talk with your professor and other students

While it might be intimidating at first, don’t be afraid to reach out to your peers. It is helpful to get input from others in a similar situation and setting up study time with your fellow students is not only a good way of developing good study habits, but also provides a potential opportunity to make friends.

Further, no one will know the material better than your professor. Do not hesitate to ask for help, as they should be able to provide you more information and potentially more material if necessary to help brush up on certain topics.

Take exercise breaks

Taking breaks from studying helps avoid burnout, but taking an exercise break can be even more helpful. Whether it is taking your dog out to the park, running a few laps or just doing a set of push-ups and crunches, exercise provides many benefits.

For one, exercise is a great morale boost as it can provide a sense of accomplishment that you can carry on into your studies. Exercise can also serve as a meditative time to think over the information you just consumed and process it. Walking or running a few laps outside can give you time think over your studies and make sense of it with a calmer mindset.

Take advantage of the library

Due to being caught in a pandemic, going to the library is not as simple as it used to be. However, the library is still a great place to not only study, but to also take advantage of resources to help improve your studying skills.

You can sign up for study spaces that can keep you and any potential study mates safe. The library also offers tutoring services for any student, and if you check their website, you can also find various online workshops that can help you with navigating the available resources at the library.

For more information, check out their page here.

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