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The timetable for fall classes came out Monday, and now students are looking to see what classes are offered in the fall 2021 semester and are beginning to create potential schedules in preparation for class registration.

After a full year of a pandemic, it is no question that some classes can fall a little flat, and not be as interesting as expected. Luckily, there are classes being offered this fall that are based in the world of entertainment and cover a variety of topics.

Here is a list of entertainment-based courses that are scheduled to be offered at UT during the fall 2021 semester.

POLS 312 - Popular Culture and American Politics

Students are often hesitant to take political science courses, but this course is a great solution to combat that hesitance. This course looks at American politics and government by focusing on its role in popular culture.

The concept of popular culture within this course includes films, television, music and drama. If you are looking for a course that assigns watching movies and TV shows for homework, this may be the class for you.

ENGL 365 - Writing the Screenplay

If you would rather write the next hit Netflix series rather than watch it, then look into this writing course the English department offers. This introduction to writing screenplays allows students to put their creativity into action and work on writing their own screenplays.

CNST 281 - Introduction to Film Studies

Films are an important and influential part of today’s society and culture. This cinema studies course will help students develop the critical techniques needed to analyze and understand feature films and their impact on the viewer while also exploring the history of film.

ENGL 334 - Film and American Culture

Films are not only meant to be enjoyed as entertainment, but they are also works of art, as well as historical documents and a form of expression. This course will look at American films and the relationship they have with American culture. Films will be screened weekly for this course to allow exposure to the course content.

ARTH 433 - History of Film and Modern and Contemporary Art

For those with an interest in the visual arts, this Art History course looks at the interactions and effects that cinematic arts and visual arts have on one another.

JAPA 315 - Asian Film

You don’t have to know how to speak or even read Japanese to take this class. This Japanese course is actually taught in English and focuses on Asian films. There is an emphasis on the historical and cultural context of Asian films throughout the course.

SPAN 434 - Film and Visual Culture in the Hispanic World

This course is designed for Spanish majors and minors as it is taught in Spanish. It focuses on recent films and how they portray Hispanic culture and traditions. The idea is for this class to better help students analyze and explore artistic interpretations and examples of the Hispanic world.

ENGL 439 - Race and Ethnicity in American Cinema: From the Margins to the Mainstream

Stereotypes remain prevalent in films, even in today’s quickly changing political climate. This course addresses these stereotypes in cinema as well as tracing and analyzing the use of such stereotypes.

ENGL 439 also acknowledges that the problem is not only what is seen on screen, but also behind the screen, and addresses the debates about “white-washing” and cultural appreciation that can be seen at award shows.

ENGL 453 - Contemporary Drama

If your interest is more about what happens on a stage than what happens on a screen, then you would probably enjoy this English course on contemporary drama. This course looks at playwrights and dramatic works that have been popularized in the world of drama since 1945. This course will also analyze the relevant issues that are involved in the drama world during this time frame.

483 Special Topics in Literature - Celebrity from Romanticism to the Present

As a special topics course, this class is only guaranteed to happen this semester, so if it interests you, the fall is the time to take it.

This course focuses on celebrities. It looks into what it means to be one, the idea behind it, the history of celebrities, how they relate to scandal and how they are viewed today. To do this, the course will look at films, television shows, novels and poems.

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