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We all know the feeling. It’s 1:58 a.m. You’re in the Hodges Library and it is slightly cold. Dinner was a 5-Hour Energy and a mediocre POD sandwich, but it was the only one left. Your exam is in eight hours and two minutes. Every second counts. Behind the overload of information flying through your brain is the lingering wish that you began studying earlier.

But this year, things are going to be different.

With classes ending on Wednesday and the semester coming to a close, final papers and exams are looming at the end of the week. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the work in front of you and the work ahead, but there are resources that can help.

Here are some study resources to take advantage of and avoid the same scenes as years past.

Academic Success Center

Scheduling an appointment at the Academic Success Center with a professional academic coach is a good place to start in your journey through finals week. At the Academic Success Center, students can get supplemental instruction in creating a comprehensive, manageable success and study plan.

If you can’t make it to a coaching session, it is worthwhile checking out their list of “Vol Success Tips” to help you get organized and prepared.

The Math Place

For first and second year math courses, it is a good idea to stop by The Math Place to start your studying or to go through some refresher questions.

From helping you with homework to preparing for exams, you can work through problems with peers and classmates as well as undergraduate students who have succeeded in prior courses, graduate student instructors and faculty members.

The Judith Anderson Herbert Writing Center

The Judith Anderson Herbert Writing Center (JAHWC) is the place to go if you want to avoid frantic speed typing and complete writing assignments on time.

Offering free and individualized help from trained tutors, the JAHWC allows students to make an online or in-person appointment for writing help in all academic disciplines offered at UT. Tutors can help from the outlining stage to the final revision process and everything in between.

Meetings can be scheduled a week in advance or the minute before the appointment starts. It can never hurt to get another pair of eyes on your final.

Vol Study Center

In Greve Hall, three rooms are dedicated to all things academic with the Vol Study Center. Greve 302 consists of a lounging study space. Here, free printing is available, and to top it all off, you can help yourself to some free drinks and snacks. This area is also a space where you can get information on academic coaching.

In Greve 304, you can access low-sensory study space with white noise machines. There is a plethora of setting options and whiteboard space available. This area is a place where you can meet and work with a study coach.

In Greve 311, you can use the computers for printing and other work. This area comes with whiteboard space, open seating and the option to work with a study coach. Study coaches are undergraduate students who are trained to offer efficient and pragmatic study methods.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental instruction, or SI, sessions are out-of-class review, strategy and study lessons that are open and free to all Vols enrolled in one of their course help offerings.

Certain classes will offer supplemental instruction designed to get students to work out problems in groups and figure things out together or independently, facilitated by an SI leader. Here you can review material and prepare for your exam, develop organizational strategies, ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of class material.

“DeStress for Success”

It is important to not let academic pressures weigh too heavily on your personal health. Along with study resources provided during finals season, there are also a number of resources to get your mind off school work.

The effort that it takes to balance work and play is nearly as hard as the undertaking of studying. Still, just as it is important to succeed in your studies, it is also important to avoid the dreaded and terrifying burnout that comes with overworking yourself.

Fitness classes will continue to be offered at the TRECS throughout finals week. H.A.B.I.T. dogs, game nights and sing-alongs will take place in the Hodges, Pendergrass and Divine libraries for their “DeStress for Success” programs going on from Dec. 8-15.

There are many external resources on campus that can help in the frenzy of finals preparations, but it is important not to forget the basics. Going to office hours, attending review sessions, forming study groups, getting notes from class friends and a little self-belief can all go a long way.

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