Hiking and Canoeing

In a year plagued by online classes, social distancing and quarantine, it can be challenging to find your home on campus. But with the second semester now well on its way, it may be time to finally plug in and find your social hub. 

Out of more than 400 of UT’s student-run clubs and organizations, here are just a handful of places to find your people. 

Canoe and Hiking Club

For those that are fed up with hours of tedious Zoom calls, try stepping away from the computer and into the great outdoors.

In the Canoe and Hiking Club, students will find a place to embrace their love of nature through trips that entail everything from backpacking to rafting to climbing. 

Highly driven by its own members, the Canoe and Hiking Club provides access to necessary gear and encourages participants to plan their own outings. 

Club meetings are held every Wednesday at 7 p.m. outside HSS. 

Cinema Club

For any movie lovers out there, the Cinema Club is right up your alley. 

Once a week, members gather to screen and discuss films from a wide variety of genres, time periods and cultures. 

Attendance is free, and the club is accepting new members (both students and non-students) year-round. 

Meetings are held every Monday night at 7 p.m. in room 111 of the Art and Architecture Building. 

Mindfulness and Meditation

If the stress of COVID-19, the pressure of classes or the impending doom of Valentine’s Day is weighing you down, check out Mindfulness and Meditation.

An organization that encourages meditation and awareness, this club seeks to promote a culture of mindfulness among its members and across the UT campus.

Traditionally, the organization’s spring semester is marked by walking meditations and a club retreat in April.

At present, meetings are held via Zoom each Monday and Thursday from 6-7 p.m., and new members are always welcome. 

Best Buddies UTK

If your passion lies with serving the community, consider joining Best Buddies UTK

At Best Buddies UTK, volunteers are given a space to form friendships with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

This organization, which holds weekly and monthly meetings, seeks to promote leadership and personal relationships between students. 

Campus Events Board

If you’re the planning type, Campus Events Board (CEB) just might be the place for you. 

CEB, which is made up of the Arts & Culture Committee, the Entertainment Committee and the Issues Committee, provides members with the opportunity to program regular on-campus events for the student body, including Vol Night Long, Volapalooza and Culture Week. 

To accommodate COVID-19 restrictions, no in-person attendance is mandatory at this time. 

With spring applications now open, CEB is looking for new members to suggest, plan and oversee events on campus.

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