Fake Blood

Fake blood can be found in stores to make your DIY Halloween costume look more realistic. 

So it’s a few days before Halloween and you still don’t have a costume.

You don’t want to drop $50 on a cheaply made costume, yet you don’t want to drown in a crowd of people dressed as sexy mammals or the slew of people dressed as skeletons. So here are a few DIY ideas that won’t break the bank and will be fun and easy to make.

The Working Dead

Instead of just opting to be a zombie, be a relatable zombie! As college students, most of us can understand that a minimum wage job can make us feel dead inside sometimes. So you might have a spare pencil skirt or slacks laying around. Add a white dress shirt or blouse (ones you don’t mind ripping up).

Maybe if you really hate your job and you have an extra work shirt, then use that to make it more personal. You’ll want to make some rips in the clothes, either by hand or with a knife, and smear some dirt (or maybe a brown foundation if you don’t want actual dirt on your clothes) to make it seem like you rose from the dead. Of course if you feel uncomfortable using your own clothes, then places like Goodwill always have a surplus of cheap business clothing options.

Maybe add a prop like a name tag from your actual place of work to make it more realistic.

Heartless Witch

This outfit is for the makeup enthusiasts: people who can follow Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube or people who have some spare cash and are willing to just buy an $8 scar kit from Walmart or Party City. With an all black or witchy outfit, preferably with a v-neck cut, place a cut and scar over your chest near your heart. Paired with a mean scowl and a wand or a cheap witches hat, you’ve got a magic touch and a lack of a heart.

Cereal Killer

For this punny outfit, just wear any jeans and a shirt you don’t really care about. You’ll need some boxes of cereal, preferably some stale cereal hiding in the back of your pantry. Cut a hole in one of the boxes and glue the cereal to the shirt you have. Then you’ll want to add some fake blood to the shirt and your hands and carry your dead box to complete the killer look.

Just don’t bring the murder weapon with you; better safe than sorry (though it’s best to find a fake plastic one so that you don’t injure yourself or anyone around you)!

The Invisible Man

This one is the easiest of them all, just don’t go out! If you’re not feeling up to the party for one reason or another, just get some information about what happened and it’s like you were there the whole time. No assembly required!

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