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Netflix’s new show “Wednesday” was released less than a week ago and has already claimed the No. 1 spot for TV shows today. There are eight total episodes, each with a duration of approximately 50 minutes. This show follows the story of Wednesday Addams – played by Jenna Ortega – the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams.

These characters first appeared in a 1964 TV show called “The Addams Family.” Those who are familiar with the Addams family from the original show and later on the 1991 movie interpretation will not be disappointed. However, watching the original TV show and movie is not a requirement to follow along with this new rendition. Whereas the originals focused on the family as a whole, Netflix’s newest hit show puts Wednesday front and center.

The show opens strong with a scene to remember. Wednesday goes to school to find that her younger brother is being bullied by fellow classmates. In retaliation, she goes to the pool area where the boys in question are located and proceeds to dump bags of piranhas into the pool. This all happens within the first couple of minutes of the show. This begins to set up the premise of her relocation to a new school where the remainder of the show will take place. An interesting twist about Nevermore Academy, known as the school for outcasts, is that her parents met and fell in love there long before she was born.

Upon her arrival at Nevermore, Wednesday is immediately introduced to the different cliques: vampires, werewolves and sirens. We see throughout the first episode that Wednesday is a young girl with a dark sense of humor and a snarky attitude. She delivers many iconic lines throughout the series. Her dark and gloomy nature, with a matching wardrobe, makes her that much more lovable.

She has many talents that are showcased in the very first episode including fencing, writing novels, playing the cello, self-defense, speaking Italian, sleuthing and more. Additionally, she has insightful visions of the past and future that give us clues about what is going to happen in the show. These visions lead her to discover a homicidal monster in the woods. It is believed that this monster is responsible for multiple unsolved deaths.

Some interesting characters are also introduced in the first episode. Wednesday’s parents Morticia, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Gomez, played by Luis Guzman, are shown within the first few minutes. There are a couple of potential love interests introduced, as well as Wednesday’s roommate who seems to be a foil character to Wednesday. Her roommate, whose name is Enid Sinclair, is friendly, perky and colorful to Wednesday’s dismay.

The headmistress of Nevermore, Larissa Weems, played by Gwendoline Christie, is also introduced. Another interesting character shown is the “dorm mom” Marilyn Thornhill, played by Christina Ricci. For those who are unfamiliar, Ricci was also the actress who played Wednesday Addams in the 1991 movie “The Addams Family.”

The rest of the show centers around Wednesday’s gripping adventures and her desire to uncover the answers to multiple unsolved mysteries. With the help of her trusty sidekick, Thing, she eventually discovers who is responsible for the murders in town. Overall, Netflix’s new show “Wednesday” was fun to watch. It was engaging and filled with compelling twists and turns. It is like a combination between Netflix’s “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and the CW’s “Nancy Drew.” If you liked either of those shows or the original Addams family show and movie, you will love the new hit show “Wednesday.” Many fans of the show would agree that it does not disappoint.

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