Mood Ring Vintage

Owner of Mood Ring Vintage Carley Baskette at the front counter. 

Mood Ring Vintage – a place of color, spunk and all things retro – arrived in the Old Sevier area on Nov. 1.

Carly Baskette, owner of Mood Ring Vintage and previous vendor of Retrospect in Old North Knoxville, has found a large community in vintage entrepreneurship.

“I had quite a few friends who started selling vintage during the pandemic, and they didn’t have anywhere to sell in person, just due to limited space. So I thought that this area could really use a shop,” Baskette said.

Baskette said it’s brought on a lot of opportunity for her friends that only sold online to have a set place in store.

Each vendor’s booth is decorated to their style, so it’s like visiting a different room as you walk throughout the store.

One of the 21 vendors, Chloe Walker, said that she’s enjoyed having a set booth instead of just online or a pop-up store.

Walker began selling vintage items online in 2016, and then moved to Knoxville a year and a half ago. Though she had to downsize for the cross-country move, it allowed her to focus on building up her other handmade business, but still curated vintage on a smaller scale.

Now that she has a booth, she’s finally able to fully enjoy working on both aspects of her handmade and vintage business at the same time, while also having the space.

Walker has also found that the vintage community is a lot more connected in Knoxville than she thought.

“It’s been really cool to see the Knoxville community come through and support and it’s genuinely such a fun, small community,” Walker said. “I feel like every day that I do stuff in the community I keep finding connections.”

Baskette said it was tedious at first trying to find vendors, but once word spread there became what is now a waitlist of 30 people trying to fill booths.

Mood Ring sells a little bit of everything. Some vendors specialize solely in home decor or clothes, others find different odds and ends. The vintage apparel ranges from 1950s to early 2000s.

“For now we’re just trying to build up the word in the community about this location. Spread the word so that people know we’re here,” Baskette said.

Mood Ring Vintage

Mood Ring Vintage is located at 906 Sevier Ave. 

Though each vintage store in the Knoxville area is independently owned, they have all become a community where “all the vintage people in Knoxville know everyone.”

Baskette said that she’ll recommend Retrospect to customers, and they spread the word just the same.

“Community over competition,” Baskette said.

Baskette has found that though she used to work retail and was anxious about doing it again, she believes it’s different this time around.

“The best part has been getting to hear people’s stories,” Baskette said. “About how they remember an item they see here from when they were young.”

Baskette has felt satisfaction from learning more about people’s connections to the area and the items they find within the store.

She also likes that there’s a very wide price range throughout the store. Some items range from $1 to $1,000 furniture pieces.

“We have something for every price point,” Baskette said. “It’s great for people to get stocking stuffers that are inexpensive, but they can also find something to treat themselves that is a little more luxurious, as well.”

Baskette also recommends for people to make a day out of coming to that side of town, starting at Red Bud right next door for lunch, and then shopping at Mood Ring, or even starting the day at Mood Ring and ending it at High Wire for a drink, right next to Red Bud.

There will be a 70s themed cocktail bar opening in the near future that Baskette believes will be very cohesive with Mood Ring’s theme.

Mood Ring will be having a 10% off sale on Black Friday and is open 12-6 p.m. every day at 906 Sevier Avenue, and hours may get more extended over time.

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