Downward Dogs

(from left) Jenna Ciesla, Whitney Elam, and from the humane society, Brian Nielsen with Emmy at Downward Dogs in the Student Union Plaza. Wednesday Sep. 14, 2022.

Downward Dogs took place on Wednesday at the Student Union Plaza, and with that came an experience for students to better their mind while they tackle the upcoming semester. The event was curated by the Campus Events Board (CEB).

CEB’s overarching goal is to create an inclusive campus environment where students can connect with one another and with the world around them. It hosts events throughout the academic year in hopes of implementing this ideology.

The Humane Society of Tennessee Valley brought a slew of puppies to the university grounds in hopes of creating a calming environment where students could participate in yoga, socializing and playing with the puppies.

One of the event coordinators, Sydney Flader, explained why they came up with the idea of Downward Dogs.

“The purpose is to promote wellness and wellbeing for students seeing as though it is the first cycle of exams, so we really wanted them to have a chance to take a break out of the day to play with some puppies, get some free food and just relax,” Flader said.

The event turned out to be successful. With a crowd of students, it is clear that the break was much needed for the student body as academics are heating up on campus.

In circles sat students playing with the puppies as they dashed around. However, there was not much space for yoga.

“As you can see, it kind of became such a successful day that we don’t really have room for the actual yoga part,” Flader added.

Hunter Clark, a junior at UT, opened up about what the event provided for her.

“I am happy there is an opportunity for this to be happening today because I am feeling very stressed as an engineering major,” Clark said.

This was the first event between UT and the Humane Society. Laura Stauber, a representative from the Humane Society, explained why they connected with UT.

“We were approached by the CEB about bringing in some puppies for students. This is also a good thing for these puppies because they are all available for adoption,” Stauber said. “We have had interest in the puppies which is always a positive because our goal is to find them forever homes.”

Downward Dogs was not only a chance for students to clear their heads, it was also a chance to give exposure to these animals that need homes. The event had entertainment purposes while still supporting the Humane Society’s main mission of finding the perfect home for these puppies.

With the success of Downward Dogs, similar events could be held in the future, however, the CEB is turning their attention to two upcoming events scheduled to take place at the University.

Antoni Porowski, from Netflix’s “Queer Eye” is coming to campus on Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. in the Student Union, and Paint U: Glow Rage which will be a neon painting and dancing party for students on Sept. 30 from 7-10 p.m. at HSS Plaza.

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