Brittany Broski

Brittany Broski talking at the Student Union on May 1. 

On Monday, the highly anticipated Brittany Broski show took place in the Student Union Auditorium. Broski is an internet personality whose influence began with a viral video of her tasting kombucha. Her reaction and laugh went viral across the Internet. Since then, she has taken her platform and used it to create comedy content. Her content is so popular because of how relatable it is.

“Brittany never fails to make her fans feel like they can escape from reality for a second and just laugh about the most random things,” sophomore Cadence Hayes said.

Broski’s supporters were lined up all the way to Ped Walkway. The auditorium was filled to the brim when Brittany took the stage. The crowd roared as she waved to them. She was clad in a Pedro Pascal T-shirt, shimmery flared pants, her signature cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.

Broski informed the crowd that she had to reschedule due to her being sick last month, and now she has double pink eye, so she wore a pair of Prada sunglasses for the show.

This edition of the CEB Comedy Series was less of a comedy show and more of an interview and testimony. She sat alongside the interviewer for the duration of the show. Broski spoke about her latest adventures including her stay at Trixie Motel, RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Trixie Mattel’s hotel business.

Broski got real about being in the limelight, speaking about a crazy fan experience where a fan left two Bud Light Cheladas, a mini stuffed Minion doll and a note for her at her door. She also touched on how she never understood influencers until she became one herself. Broski mentioned when she would see influencers begging for privacy and respect as unnecessary.

“And now that I am on the receiving end, I am like ‘please respect me,’” Broski said.

Broski reflected on her own college experience and gave advice to the audience.

“I think that one of the best things for me … to come out of college was I have my core group of girlfriends,” Broksi said.

She insisted that building a core group of friends in college was so important to keeping her humble and grounded through fame.

Broski also confessed to occasionally attending her morning classes drunk.

“Yeah if you stay out drinking ‘til 3 a.m. and you have an 8 a.m., babe I am drunk. But I am there,” Broski said.

Though it was more of an interview than a comedy show, Broski cracked jokes at times and kept engagement with the audience high. She joked about how white people have culture – Cracker Barrel – informing the audience that her go-to is chicken dumplings.

Broski announced that her new podcast comes out this month on May 15. Another project of hers is in the works for July as well.

The TikTok star spoke about the false narrative of body positivity on social media and her internal struggles. She did not hesitate to call out influencers for “bodychecking” on social media for views. Broski said body positivity has become almost cringe-worthy content on social media due to the “clout chasers.”

Brittany opened up about her family and the struggles she has had to face with them. Due to their opposing views on politics and religion, it can cause tension. She gave advice to an audience member, regarding her family struggles, to just, “go along with it … it is not worth it,” referring to family conflict.

Broski spoke about her “Boy of the Month,” a content series she has on TikTok, where she “fangirls” over a certain topic, actor or musician for a period of time. The audience particularly loved this segment.

The show ended with questions from the audience. One audience member even bought her flowers and got the chance to give them to her and ask about her favorite Chuy’s dish. Fan engagement was very high at the event — the audience and Brittany bounced well off each other.

When asked about the show, sophomore Zoe Curnell praised Broski’s show.

“After following Brittany for a few years, I was super excited for the opportunity to hear her in a more serious setting. It completely lived up to the hype,” Curnell said.

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