Lonesome Dove

The Lonesome Dove is located on 100 N Central Street in Knoxville.

A taste of Texas can be found right here in the heart of Knoxville, Tennessee. The Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, located in the Old City, creates a truly unique dining experience by fusing a sophisticated, romantic atmosphere with flavors and traditions straight from the West.

The restaurant is the third of its kind; the first Lonesome Dove was originally established by Chef Tim Love over 16 years ago in Fort Worth, Texas. The restaurant eventually opened a second location in Austin, Texas and, just this past July, expanded into Knoxville.

Love graduated from the University of Tennessee, making Knoxville his second home. He also has a passion for creating high-quality dining experiences around the country.

“We want to surprise people with the restaurant with the flavors. We want to wow them with the service. Most importantly, we want to become part of the community and understand better what people want, provide what people want and keep raising the bar for restaurants in Knoxville,” Chef Love said.

Love is a critically-acclaimed chef, best known for his signature Western cuisine. Not only has he made appearances on shows such as Top Chef: The Cruise and CNBC’s newest show, Restaurant Startup, but he has also opened several other restaurants in Texas, such as the White Elephant Saloon, Queenie’s Steakhouse, Woodshed Smokehouse and the Love Shack, a burger joint that will also make its way to Knoxville in the near future.

If there is one thing to know about the Lonesome Dove, it is this: it is more than just food and drinks. It is an experience, which is the way Chef Love intended it.

The building itself gives off an old saloon vibe, sporting tall windows, exposed brick and molded wooden doors on the outside. Once inside, the exposed brick continues throughout the restaurant and is complimented by tall, wooden beams and chandeliers cradled by antlers. Clean, white tablecloths hold wine programs and burning candles, creating a romantic ambiance throughout the multistory restaurant.

“When I walked in the first thing that I noticed was the bar. It had a really interesting style, western meets industrial, and I thought that was really different and exciting for Knoxville,” Brittney Brunton, a recent customer, said.

Once seated, guests are met by an attentive and knowledgeable server who makes recommendations and discloses the daily menu changes accordingly. Your water glass is never left half full and your table is never left without the proper plates and utensils necessary for each course.

In addition to top-notch service, the Lonesome Dove boasts an array of uncommon menu items exclusive to Chef Love’s restaurants, such as rabbit-rattlesnake sausage, wild game fettine and white tail deer tartare.

“The food was great and they had several items on the menu that I had never tried before,” Brunton said.

The dessert menu features one of Love’s most well-known desserts, the ancho chile chocolate cake, and is paired with a list of after-dinner drinks, some of which hold Knoxville inspired names and ingredients. Though each dish is served in gourmet portions, these delicacies are worth every penny.

To learn more about Chef Tim Love or the Lonesome Dove, visit http://lonesomedoveknoxville.com/

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