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Lovelytheband's newest album, "conversations with myself about you." Courtesy of Apple Music

Indie pop trio lovelytheband released their sophomore album, “conversations with myself about you” on Friday, an album which speaks to the band’s identity as a new staple of indie pop while still exploring the darker themes that brought their early success.

Known for their upbeat songs that contain much deeper messages, the band’s success started with “broken,” a single from their first EP and then onto their first album, 2018’s “finding it hard to smile.” The song was an instant hit, and launched lovelytheband’s mainstream success, which they’ve built on over the past two years.

The album begins with its title track, but lovelytheband does something different with this. Not only is it a fairly short song, but it’s also only comprised of scattered piano notes and audio stitched together of various voices repeating the album’s title. It’s an interesting way to begin an indie pop album. It feels nostalgic and sad almost, a totally separate direction from much of the genre.

Of course, lovelytheband has never been the typical indie rock, indie pop or alternative band. While much of their music characteristically fits into these three genres or subgenres, the subject matter is often much darker and deeper than most of its counterparts.

“Loneliness for love,” one of the lead singles on the album, is an example of this duality. On the surface, it’s a catchy and upbeat indie pop song. However, when we look at the lyrics, the song is really about someone trying to fill a deep void, so much so that they mistake emotions for reality in a cycle that only hurts them over and over. Pretty deep stuff, right?

One of the themes that lovelytheband focuses on in much of their music is loss, specifically the loss of a romantic partner or relationship, as well as the complex emotions that often accompany it. This theme is amplified in “conversations with myself about you.”

Songs “silly” and “love somebody else” share this theme of loss as they focus on confusion around a breakup. As the band explores the complicated nature of a relationship’s end, they ask tough questions about what it means to hold onto memories and how to let go of what isn’t meant for you.

“Conversations with myself about you” ends with “your favorite one,” the longest song on the album. Similar to “silly” and “love somebody else,” it also deals with moving on after a breakup. It ties up the album in a way that makes sense with its other songs, making the entire album feel like a train of thought, a conversation exactly.

“Conversations with myself about you” is an album that fits in with lovelytheband’s discography well, creating the sort of musical story that the band tells. It solidifies the band’s direction and style, while also taking care to maintain the vulnerable and emotional messages behind the catchy songs that fans love to listen to.

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