Women's SEC Tournament vs. LSU

#13, Jazmine Massengill looks for an opening during the SEC Tournament against Louisiana State University on Thursday March, 7, 2019 at Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina. 

Tuesday marked the first day for media availability for the new-look Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball team.

Tennessee first-year head coach Kellie Harper, along with guard Jazmine Massengill spoke with media members before their first official practice of the 2019-20 season.

Massengill opened with her expectations for practice under the new coaching regime. 

“We are very excited for the first day of practice. It is a new experience and a new team, so we are really looking forward to this practice. Practice is hard. [Coach Harper] pushes us to the limits even when we feel like we cannot do it. She does not accept anything except the best from you.

"When you feel like you can't do it or go, she takes you to the next level."

Next, Massengill shared her thoughts on adjusting to the new style of play that Harper and the rest of the coaching staff brings.

"The biggest adjustment is getting to know the staff and the different playing style that we will be playing. In a sense, it is kind of the same. We're still going to run-and-gun, but the personality of the coaches is different. Every team wants to start out great and have the same goals, so it should be fun."

Massengill also reflected on being coached under a former Tennessee player. 

“[Coach Harper] has told me the different things she did has a college player, and she just loves the Lady Vol tradition. She has talked to us about the different things as a player, and I know how she is doing it as a coach. She is absolutely a die-hard Lady Vol fan. She loves it. She loves all of this, and she loves everything that comes with it, so basically what she stresses to us is just to trust the process and that she'll get us to where we need to be."

With the team being so young, players like Massengill are taking on leadership roles. She discussed her adjustment to her new role. 

"Young or old, we still have a lot of work to do just because it's a different team. It's fun having a lot of younger players. We kind of got to know each other a little bit in Europe, and from what I've seen, they play at a high level... so it's good. I was working harder on having to be what I need to be for the team, and whatever they need me to be. I'm just trying to be a leader for the team."

Finally, Massengill talked about her own leadership with Jordan Horston, the leadership of the team as a whole, and what Lou Brown means to the basketball team. 

"I just tell [Jordan Horston] to keep working hard and that everything is not going to always be peaches and cream, and when you feel like you're at your lowest, just know that it's always going to get better. In a sense, we expect everybody to be a leader. Everybody has a certain role they have to play; everybody has to do everything in order for us to be where we need to be. Everybody looks up to Lou because even though she's not playing, she's still engaged.

“And she still cares, not just about herself, but for the team as well. So we all look up to her, and we all listen to what she has to say because it's different from her standpoint, so we listen and we analyze what she has to say."

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