Noah Taylor

It’s an exciting time to be covering college football, especially with the 150th season of the game coming up.

Contrary to popular belief, I was not alive to witness that first game between Rutgers and Princeton in 1869 (inside joke from the Beacon office). But we’re glad to be bringing you coverage from this 150th season.

A year ago, then-sports editor Blake Von Hagen told you why he liked football, as did then-assistant sports editor Will Backus. In the name of originality (I am a sports writer, after all), I will keep that tradition alive and tell you that I too, like football. A lot.

My journey to Knoxville has been an interesting one. My love for college football (the single greatest thing ever created) began in a place called Gainesville. Ever heard of it? Well, there’s a team down there I grew up cheering for. It taught me to love the game ... and hate it — and love it again.

I could never have imagined that one season I would be in the press box in Neyland Stadium covering the Tennessee Volunteers, but I am excited to help bring you coverage of the game that we all like ... a lot. 

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