Cory Sanning

It’s the greatest time of the year, isn’t it? Almost as if it were Christmas in August, except without the snow. You get my point, right?

Anyway, as Noah pointed out, it certainly is an exciting reality to be covering the 150th season of college football. With that being said, I feel it would be in everybody’s best interest to know that I too, like football. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

While my love and passion for the game began as an NFL fan, my time in Knoxville has taught me a level of appreciation for a college atmosphere I could only experience from afar in Dayton, cheering on Jim Tressel in the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Having gone along for quite a journey with my esteemed colleagues and former editors of a year ago, Blake Von Hagen and Will Backus, I now feel prepared to carry the torch. Getting chased out of a Waffle House parking lot at three in the morning in South Carolina can prepare you for any challenge.

I remember my aunt’s stories of the glory days of Tennessee football, and while we are nowhere near returning to that state yet, I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be heading into my second season covering football in Neyland Stadium. Here’s to a year of tremendous (hopefully) coverage!

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