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Pickup Locations


  Admissions/Faculty Club

  Ag Campus Bus Stop

  Ag Engineering

  Ag. Library

  Alumni Memorial Bldg.

  Andy Holt Tower

  Animal Sciences Bldg.

  Art & Architecture Bldg.

  Austin Peay

  Ayres Hall

  Baker Center

  Beacon office

  Biology Annex

  Buehler Hall

  Burchfiel Geography Bldg.

  City and County Bldg.

  Claxton Bldg.

  Clement Hall

  Communications Bldg.

  Conference Center

  Cumberland & 17th Street

  Dabney Hall

  Dougherty Hall

  Dunford Hall

  Earth & Planetary Sciences

  East Stadium Hall

  Ferris Hall

  Fred Brown Hall

  Gibbs Hall

  Golden Roast Coffeehouse

  Grad School of Medicine

  Graphic Arts Bldg.

  Greve Hall

  Haslam Building

  Henson Hall

  Hesler Biology Bldg.

  Hess Hall

  Hodges Library/Volunteer

  Hodges Library/Melrose

  Hoskins Library

  HPER Bus Stop

  Humanities Bldg.

  Jesse Harris Bldg.

  Laurel Hall

  Law School

  Massey Hall

  McClung Museum

  McCord Hall

  Min Kao Engineering Bldg.

  Morgan Hall

  Morrill Hall

  Multi- Cultural Center

  Music Bldg.

  North Carrick Hall

  Nursing Bldg.

  OIT/Kingston Pike Bldg.

  Parking Services

  Perkins Hall

  Physical Educ. (HPER)

  Physical Plant

  Plant Sciences Bldg.

  Presidential Cafeteria

  Ray's Place

  Reese Hall

  Science & Engineering

  Sorority Village

  South Carrick Hall

  Speech Annex

  Student Aquatic Center

  Student Health Bldg.

  Student Services Bldg.

  Thompson Boling Arena

  Tickle Engineering Bldg.

  T-Recs Bus Stop

  T-Recs Center

  Veterinary  School

  Volunteer  & Cumberland

  Volunteer Hall & Cafeteria

  Walters Life Sciences

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