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Sunday, UT released a statement on twitter referring to a disturbing video circulating online. The video includes a UT student using a racial slur and describing violent action in it. His words imply intent to act and are demeaning toward the black community. 

The student’s identity was not released by the university. However, twitter users have been quick to identify the student’s name and major. Twitter users demand action from authorities and the university. 

The official page of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville tweeted a statement confirming they are aware of the situation and have notified authorities and student conduct. They also included that they are supporting the black community and condemn hate and violence.

“The university is aware of a violent and disturbing racist video by a student. We have notified police and student conduct for immediate review. We condemn hate, racism, and violence and will support our black students and make campus safe for them.”

This video’s exposure comes while protests against racism and policy brutality toward black Americans continue to flourish across the United States.

You can report incidents of bias to the university, and you can submit them online here.

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