Joshua Henninger

Gus’s Good Times Deli is a spot that you must check out if you are a student at UTK. It is located in a great spot on the strip. It is very close to Hodges and Hess Hall, among other convenient buildings. You can see the love for Tennessee as soon as you walk in. It is the same feeling you get when you return home after a long while gone.

There are numerous relics in Gus’s that cement its status as an iconic place for the University of Tennessee. On the walls are numerous pictures and autographs going all the way back to former players like Charles Davis to current Head Coach Jermey Pruitt. The food is excellent, though. Do not let the beautiful Tennessee-centric atmosphere distract you from how good the food is.

The menu at Gus’s has something for everyone. They have all kinds of sandwiches, burgers, chicken and fish available. The clear staples of Gus’s, though, can be seen before you even walk in. The board outside showcases their top items: the cheeseburger, the deli sandwich, the chicken filet and the tuna. All of these items can be bought as the daily special, which comes with a side of fries/chips with a fountain drink.

I ordered the daily special cheeseburger. I got grilled onions on my burger as well which was a huge plus for me. Not all burger places let you get grilled onions, but Gus’s will, and the service was excellent. I was just gonna get a regular plain cheeseburger, but I asked if they had onions, and the server read my mind and said “grilled onions?”

The burger was quite large, so I would not worry about ordering a double cheeseburger. I think that the normal cheeseburger daily special will fill 99% of people. The burger was restaurant-quality or better. It was juicy, and when combined with the melted cheese, it created a match made in the heavens. On top of that they give out a very generous amount of fries with the burger. Although the fries were very well seasoned to the point of being over-seasoned. Whatever drink you choose will be needed after eating Gus’s fries.

They also have cookies and other small items that are just as delicious. They had caramel and chocolate chunk cookies that were equally as good. I got the chocolate chunk cookie, and it was a perfect end for my trip to Gus’s. It was slightly cold, and it made them even better in my opinion.

The price was a little expensive, coming in at about $9 for the cheeseburger, fries and fountain drink combo, though the meal will most definitely fill you up and leave you very satisfied. Compared to a lot of sit-down places that can run as high as $12 for a meal with everything included, Gus’s is a diamond in the rough.

Overall, Gus’s get the “slaps” rating for me. I will definitely be back, and I feel like a good time to come back will be after we dominate Vanderbilt this Saturday. Gus’s is a living and breathing place for Tennessee people. If you have not tried Gus’s yet, what are you waiting for? This is a place that you must check out!

Joshua Henninger is a freshman majoring in supply chain management. He can be reached at

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