Danny Isham

For weeks, Western media has been filled with numerous interviews, articles, videos and more covering the ongoing protests within Hong Kong, decrying Chinese attempts to strengthen national unity within the special-administrative region. Although the images of Hong Kong youth filling the streets and battling against police forces have garnered the support of both progressive and conservative onlookers worldwide, a closer examination of these protests show the cliché trappings of another capitalist color revolution, intent on re-absorbing Hong Kong into its neo-colonialist empire while demonizing China.

From the beginning, these protests have been an over-the-top reaction to the People’s Republic of China (PRC)’s attempt to modernize Hong Kong’s backward judicial system. The spark of this new proposal was the escape of a Taiwanese fugitive—wanted in his home country for the murder of his girlfriend—to Hong Kong, where Taiwanese authorities were unable to arrest him due to a lack of extradition laws that could allow it. In response, Chinese lawmakers were attempting to reform this relic of British colonial law that would realign Hong Kong’s extradition laws with that of the mainland, allowing for the PRC to serve out justice against criminals exploiting the judicial loophole in Hong Kong.

However, the Hong Kong youth, indoctrinated by anti-communist dogma spewed from organizations funded by Western imperialists, took to the streets to cry “Totalitarianism!” at the attempts by the PRC to govern its own nation, resorting to burning cars, vandalizing public property and otherwise being a nuisance to the rest of the population.

The list of misdeeds by these so-called “peaceful protesters” goes on. Protesters have been recorded using numerous makeshift weapons as they turn the city into a warzone, including the use of incendiary devices (like petrol bombs and molotov cocktails) and charging riot police head on with metal bars and similar weaponry. In addition to these numerous attacks on Hong Kong authorities, there’s a video of these activists-turned-rioters swarming a journalist for the Global Times, savagely beating and restraining him at his wrists and ankles before help is eventually able to reach him.

All of this violence against the government as well as the population leaves an unanswered question in its wake: why are these rioters so fervently opposed to the PRC?

The answer lies in Western imperialism.

A multitude of organizations—the Hong Kong Civil Club, the local Democratic Party, the Hong Kong Journalists Association and others—behind the Hong Kong protests are bankrolled by a tool of indirect American imperialism, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). In addition, over 37,000 NGOs—many with funding from Western nations—operate within Hong Kong, their collective agendas focusing on nearly every aspect of life within Hong Kong. By providing financial security for these various organizations, Western powers are capable of fueling anti-communist/pro-imperialist propaganda throughout the city, swaying the impressionable minds of the Hong Kong youth to obey their commands.

Is this little more than a Marxist conspiracy theory? On July 1, the anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China, protesters stormed Hong Kong’s parliament and vandalized the seat of governmental power, pinning the flag of the old British Empire within the central chamber. Numerous videos and photographs show protesters waving American flags and singing its national anthem in the streets, others directly pleading for American President Donald Trump to “liberate Hong Kong.”

Much like during the fall of the Eastern Bloc in the late 1980s (or the more recent failures in Syria and Venezuela), Western imperialists are attempting to foster a new color revolution to gain economic control over Hong Kong, feigning a popular uprising full of progressive, abstract ideas like liberty and democracy while plotting behind the scenes to exploit an “independent” Hong Kong for their own personal gain. By gaining the support of both leftist and rightist political circles, this powerful capitalist propaganda machine allows imperial powers to vilify any attempt by mainland China to restore order to its own city, the shadow of American military aggression looming ever closer as it grasps for a reason to invade yet another country.

Down with the imperialist war machines! Their indoctrinated lackeys will not break, burn or smash the PRC, nor will they silence the Marxists deaf to their lies. To America and its cult of expansion, hands off Hong Kong!

Danny Isham is a freshman majoring in Political Science. He can be reached at disham@vols.utk.edu.

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