Do you all think about the impact of your platform has and what that exposure does to the world?

I recently read an opinion piece from the Daily Beacon regarding why someone chooses to not vote. Now, normally, I would not be bothered by this. However, it wasn’t until I read the article that I became frustrated.

Your opinion piece reeked of privilege and reading the piece as a minority student on campus was a blatant smack in the face. I will give props to the author of the piece, for he used math to justify his disregard of his privilege.

In the author’s opinion, his probability of changing the vote is essentially zero, and for this reason voting will only cost him. Cost him what exactly? Time that he could be “arguing over insignificant and trivial debates in sports.”

Does he realize that voting is not a right that everyone has in these United States? Even people who were here before the first immigrants arrived are experiencing voter suppression from not having mailing addresses (See Native American voting in North Dakota).

You all have essentially given a platform to express a toxic mentality that will only do more harm than good. Sure, his probability of having the final vote in something is low; however, how incredibly bad would it be for another white male to read this article and think, “Good point.” This mentality shared as a group is dangerous to the United States. White men in the United States experience the least amount of voter suppression; they’ve had their right to vote the longest and it has gone unchallenged since the beginning. While one white man’s probability of changing the vote might be zero, the group of them have a significant impact on the outcome of a vote.

The Daily Beacon can do a better job of showing opinions that do not contain a toxic mentality that, in mass, negatively affect our society. For that reason, I want to say that if you are still reading, please vote. Use your privileges to be the voice that certain minorities don’t have and need. There are multiple ways to vote: absentee voting, where a ballot gets mailed to you, costing a well-informed voter about 10 minutes, early voting, where the voter can go to any voting location in their district, and finally, voting on Nov. 6th.


Kishen Patel

Senior- Chemical Engineering and Spanish

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